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The Difference Between Getting Domestic Helpers from Employment Agencies and Other Sources

While various methods exist for hiring domestic helpers, employing the services of employment agencies emerges as the most effective approach. These agencies streamline the complex and time-consuming process, offering employers and job seekers a comprehensive solution. From navigating legal requirements to matching the right candidate with the right job, agencies simplify the journey. 

If you’re keen to explore the advantages of this efficient method and ensure a smooth hiring experience, delve into the details by reading more. Discover how an agency like House On Hire can be your strategic partner in discovering the perfect match for your household or business needs.


Different Ways of Hiring a Domestic Helper Outside of Employment Agencies

While employment agencies offer a streamlined approach, some individuals opt for alternative methods to hire domestic helpers. Direct hiring and online platforms are common avenues, allowing for more direct involvement in the selection process. However, these methods have challenges, such as navigating legalities and needing more professional support.

  • Direct Hiring: Direct hiring involves individuals managing the entire recruitment process independently, from advertising the job to conducting interviews and handling legal documentation.
  • Online Platforms: Utilizing online platforms, individuals can connect directly with potential domestic helpers. These platforms often facilitate communication and preliminary screening but need more comprehensive support from employment agencies.
  • Referrals: Relying on personal referrals from friends or acquaintances is another method. While this can provide insights into a domestic helper’s performance, it may need a more structured approach these agencies offer.
  • Community Boards: Some individuals explore community boards or local forums to find domestic helpers. While it can be a cost-effective option, the process may involve more effort in screening and verification.


The Advantages of Hiring Domestic Helpers from Employment Agencies Over Other Methods

Choosing employment agencies for hiring domestic helpers offers a range of advantages, from professional screening and legal expertise to comprehensive support services and conflict resolution mechanisms. This approach ensures a more efficient, reliable, and well-supported hiring process.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring domestic helpers through agencies: 

1. Professional Screening and Matching

Agencies conduct thorough screening processes, including background checks and skills assessments, ensuring candidates are well-suited for the job. This professional approach increases the likelihood of finding a qualified and reliable domestic helper.

2. Legal Expertise and Compliance

Employment agencies are well-versed in the legal requirements related to hiring domestic helpers. From work permits to contract documentation, their expertise ensures compliance, reducing the risk of legal problems for employers and employees.

3. Comprehensive Support Services

Unlike other methods, agencies provide comprehensive support services, including passport and work permit renewal assistance, medical check-ups, onboarding processes, and onsite training. This holistic support contributes to a smoother integration and overall well-being of domestic helpers.

4. Extensive Candidate Pool

Employment agencies often have a vast network and access to diverse candidates. This allows them to match employers with domestic helpers based on specific preferences, requirements, and cultural compatibility, increasing the chances of a successful placement.

5. Mediation and Conflict Resolution

In the event of disputes or conflicts, these agencies act as mediators, providing a structured and impartial approach to resolution. This professional intervention helps maintain a harmonious working relationship between employers and domestic helpers.


Why House on Hire is One of the Best Maid Employment Agencies in Singapore

House on Hire is one of Singapore’s best maid employment agencies, boasting an exceptional track record of successful placements. With a proven history of connecting top talent with leading employers, the agency has built a reputation for excellence, reliability, and professionalism.

What sets House on Hire apart is its commitment to holistic support services. From assisting in passport and work permit renewals to providing comprehensive medical check-ups and efficient onboarding processes, the agency ensures that the employment journey is seamlessly facilitated for employers and domestic helpers.

House on Hire excels in cultural sensitivity and personalised matching, particularly for Myanmar maids. The agency’s experienced recruitment specialists go beyond standard matchmaking, considering cultural compatibility to ensure harmonious household integration. This customised approach enhances the likelihood of a solid and positive employer-maid relationship, fostering an environment conducive to mutual understanding and effective communication.


An In-Depth Look into The Services Offered by House on Hire

House on Hire stands as a dedicated ally in the journey of domestic helpers from inception to culmination. Through a comprehensive array of services, the agency ensures seamless transitions for new and transfer maids, facilitates applications for caregivers, and simplifies the direct hire process.

Here are some of the services offered by House on Hire

  • Deployment of New Maids / Transfer Maids: House on Hire facilitates the deployment of new and transfer maids, ensuring a smooth and well-managed transition.
  • Application of Caregivers: The agency assists caregivers in the application process, catering to the specific needs of employers seeking specialized care services.
  • Direct Hire Process: House on Hire simplifies the direct hire process, guiding employers through the intricacies of independent recruitment while providing necessary support.
  • Home Leave Process: The agency assists in managing the home leave process for domestic helpers, ensuring a structured and well-coordinated approach.
  • Transfer Helper: House on Hire facilitates the transfer of helpers, offering a seamless transition for both employers and domestic helpers.
  • Insurance for Workers: Ensuring the well-being of workers, the agency provides insurance coverage to address potential contingencies during employment.
  • Foreign Workers for Your Business: House on Hire extends its services to businesses, facilitating hiring of foreign workers to meet organisational needs.
  • Maids Repatriation Service: The agency manages the repatriation process for maids, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and a smooth transition.
  • Embassy Endorsement (Liaison with Embassies / POEA Processing): House on Hire handles embassy endorsement processes, liaises with embassies and manages POEA processing for seamless deployments.
  • Settling-In Program (SIP): The agency offers a settling-in program to acclimate new maids, ensuring a comfortable and smooth adjustment to their new working environment.
  • Employers’ Orientation Program (EOP): House on Hire conducts an employers’ orientation program, equipping employers with essential knowledge and guidance for effective management.
  • Maid Training & Development: The agency provides ongoing training and development programs for maids, enhancing their skills and ensuring continuous improvement.
  • S PASS or E PASS: House on Hire assists in the application processes for S PASS or E PASS, ensuring compliance with work permit requirements.
  • Free Consultation on Maid-Related Matters: The agency offers free consultations on maid-related matters, providing valuable insights and guidance to employers.
  • Maid Matching & Recommendation: House on Hire engages in meticulous maid matching and recommendation processes, considering employer preferences for an optimal match.
  • Screen Biodatas and Help to Select Suitable Profiles: The agency screens biodatas and assists in selecting suitable profiles, ensuring alignment with employer criteria.
  • Work Permit Application: House on Hire manages the work permit application process, providing all documentation for legal compliance.



Choosing House on Hire undoubtedly places you in the hands of one of the best domestic helper agencies in Singapore. With an outstanding track record, a commitment to comprehensive services, and a dedication to supporting domestic helpers from start to finish, House on Hire is a trusted partner regarding agencies. 

Explore the advantages of their holistic approach and ensure a seamless journey for employers and domestic helpers. Contact us today to experience excellence in domestic helper placements and discover why House on Hire is your go-to agency for reliable and professional services. Choose House on Hire as one of Singapore’s go-to domestic helper employment agencies.