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Bangladeshi Maids in Singapore: Your Partners in Premier Home Care!

At House on Hire, we prioritise transparency and professionalism. We provide comprehensive documentation and support throughout the hiring process, ensuring that all legal and administrative requirements are met. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, providing peace of mind throughout the entire process.

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Why Select Our Premium Bangladeshi Maid Services?

Our team at House on Hire takes great pride in bringing the impeccable services of our well-prepared and highly professional Bangladeshi maids to Singaporean homes.

Exceptional Training and Professionalism

Our dedicated Bangladeshi maids receive thorough training, which ensures they are well-versed in various domestic tasks. Whether it concerns daily cleaning rituals or more specialised tasks, our maids possess the essential skills required to maintain your household to the most exacting standards. They pledge their commitment to performing their responsibilities with utmost professionalism.

Understanding Cultural Compatibility

Bangladeshi maids are often favoured by many Singaporean households, owing to their inherent cultural affinity. This cultural understanding allows them to quickly assimilate into the home environment, fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort. They naturally enhance households by complementing existing practices and enriching the living experience.

Dependability and Trustworthiness

At House on Hire, we highly value the reliability and trustworthiness of our maids. That’s why we thoroughly vet our maids to ensure they are skilled but also responsible and honest. This meticulous process gives us the confidence to guarantee your household’s security and peace of mind.

Bangladeshi Maid Services Customised to Your Needs

At House on Hire, our commitment lies in delivering a comprehensive range of services through our proficient Bangladeshi maids, transforming your home into a haven of efficiency and comfort.


Thorough Home Management

Our maids exhibit exceptional prowess in general housekeeping responsibilities. From daily cleaning chores to organising and managing the home, they approach each task with meticulous precision. This includes ensuring all rooms are kept clean, handling laundry and ironing duties, thereby maintaining a pleasant and inviting ambience in your home at all times.


Gastronomic Expertise

We comprehend the value of nutritious, palatable meals in a busy family setting. Our maids are skilled in cooking diverse cuisines and can prepare family-friendly dishes, even catering to specific dietary needs or restrictions. Proficient in meal planning and grocery shopping, they aim to make meal times a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for you.


Childcare and Growth

Our maids extend their services beyond mere childcare; they are devoted to the development and welfare of your children. With experience in engaging children in educational activities, helping with homework and managing after-school routines, their caring and patient demeanour ensures children are nurtured in a safe environment.


Elderly Care with Consideration

For families with senior members, our maids provide considerate and focused care. Trained in aiding daily activities, managing medication schedules, and providing companionship, they ensure your elderly loved ones are looked after with dignity and comfort.


Adaptability to Your Schedule

In line with understanding the dynamic nature of contemporary lifestyles, we provide flexible service options to accommodate your specific needs and timetable. Be it full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out services, we aim to match your requirements, ensuring a flawless integration into your household routine.

House on Hire goes beyond basic housekeeping to create a harmonious and efficient home that meets your requirements. Our Bangladeshi maids’ excellent service shows our commitment to client pleasure. We simplify, worry-free interactions with your household to elevate your living experience to a new level of comfort and convenience.

Our Rigorous Selection Process for Bangladeshi Maids

Thorough Screening for Uncompromised Trust and Reliability

Our comprehensive selection process initiates in-depth background checks, including employment history verification, references, and any relevant legal documentation. This rigorous procedure ensures each of our chosen maids meets our heightened measures of honesty and adheres to regulatory requirements.

Extensive Skill Evaluation and Training

Applicants undergo stringent skill assessments that quantify their proficiency in tasks, including household maintenance, culinary skills, childcare, and eldercare. In tandem, we offer detailed training programs to enrich their abilities further, ensuring they are updated with the latest practices in domestic care.

Personal Compatibility Assessments

Recognizing the importance of a harmonious interpersonal relationship for a balanced household, we significantly emphasise ascertaining personality compatibility. We take the time to comprehend the preferences and lifestyle of your family to match you with a Bangladeshi maid whose personality and work style resonate well within your household dynamics.

Health and Safety Considerations

Our maids are meticulously trained in health and safety protocols pertinent to home care. This encompasses first aid, emergency response provisions, and safe handling of household equipment and products. It assures that our maids can maintain a safe and hygienic environment in your home.

Continual Enhancement and Responsive Feedback

Our maids' selection process is dynamic, designed to adapt and evolve. We regularly gather client feedback to fine-tune our selection criteria and training programs. It ensures that our maids consistently improve and are equipped to meet and surpass your expectations.

By choosing House on Hire, you’re entrusting your home to a Bangladeshi maid well-aligned with your family’s unique requirements, carefully selected through a meticulous and comprehensive process that prioritises trust, skills, personal compatibility, and safety.

The Procedure to Hire a Bangladeshi Maid in Singapore

Engaging the services of a Bangladeshi maid in Singapore involves several steps to ensure compliance with the standard procedures. Here’s a step-by-step guide to simplify the process:

Choose a Licensed Employment Agency

Start by selecting a reputable and licensed agency specialising in foreign domestic help. Licensed agencies are listed under the Ministry of Manpower and are best-placed to provide expert help in navigating the hiring process.

Select a Suitable Candidate

Browse through the agency’s database of Bangladeshi maids and shortlist those that align with your specific requirements in terms of skills and experience.

Work Permit Application

Upon finalising your choice, the employment agency will assist you in applying for the necessary work permit for your maid. This process will involve providing details about your employment status and other relevant personal details.

Pre-Employment Medical Examination

It is critical to ensure your maid undergoes a comprehensive medical examination as part of her pre-employment verification process. A reassuring medical report would confirm her fitness to engage in domestic work.

Finalise the Employment Contract

Signing of a contract is the final step in the hiring process. Make sure to detail the expectations regarding working hours, salary, rest days, and scope of work in the contract to avoid any future confusion.

Purchase Mandatory Insurance

Buying an insurance policy to cover possible hospitalisation and surgery expenses is a requirement by the Ministry of Manpower.

Pay the Maid Levy

As part of Singapore's policy for foreign domestic workers, you'll have to pay a monthly levy.

Settling-In Programme

To assist your maid in acclimatising to life in Singapore, have her attend a Settling-In Program. This program familiarises foreign workers with local customs, laws, and general living conditions.

Provide On-going Support

Once your maid commences her role, ensure she is treated fairly and her well-being is catered for, providing support and supervision as necessary.

At House on Hire, we efficiently streamline these procedures to significantly ease the hiring process. We extend comprehensive assistance every step of the way, right from the selection process to handling the legal, administrative, and insurance procedures.

Key Financial Aspects in Hiring Bangladeshi Maids

Structured Salary and Negotiation

We meticulously structure the salary of our Bangladeshi maids based on their experience, country of origin, and specific job requirements. Open and transparent negotiations are facilitated to ensure a fair agreement for both parties.

Off-Day Compensation

We adhere to Singapore’s regulations, which mandate rightful compensation for maids working on their designated off days. Clear, itemised calculations of these compensations are derived based on the regular daily wage of the maid.

Guidance on Government Levy

We provide thorough guidance on the government-imposed levy for hiring Bangladeshi maids. Our team thoughtfully explains the varied rates and conditions applicable to a concessionary levy.

Nutritional and Dietary Guidance

We believe in holistic well-being and advisory services. That is why we guide employers on providing nutritionally balanced, culturally appropriate meals for their maids. We emphasise a respectful understanding of dietary preferences and restrictions.

Meeting Insurance Requirements

In line with MOM’s regulations, we help the employers in providing the mandatory medical insurance coverage for their maids, ensuring their well-being and safety.

Health Checks and Medical Examinations

We at House on Hire, facilitate the requisite medical examinations and periodic health check-ups for Bangladeshi maids in compliance with the MOM’s regulations. We streamline the process of accessing cost-effective medical services through our network of associated clinics.

Why Consider House on Hire for Singapore Bangladeshi Maid Services?

House on Hire is the leader in Singapore’s Bangladeshi maid services for various reasons:

Commitment to Excellence

Throughout our service, we strive for perfection. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing great service.

Customised Solutions

We adapt services for each family because we know each family is different. House on Hire takes the time to understand your needs to match you with the right Bangladeshi maid.

Industry Experience You Can Trust

Years of field expertise have earned us a reputation for dependability and quality. As a trusted partner, our industry expertise guarantees the best Bangladeshi maid service standards.

Focus on Customers

Your happiness is our top priority. House on Hire will listen to your requirements and concerns to ensure a smooth partnership.

Constant Support and Guidance

Beyond services, we value connections. Our customers and maids get continual assistance and advice to provide a good and enjoyable experience.

Enhancing Integration with House on Hire

House on Hire is dedicated to facilitating the smooth integration of Bangladeshi maids into Singaporean households. Recognizing the pivotal role of a harmonious employer-maid relationship, we offer tailored training programs that equip our maids with essential skills and cultural knowledge. These programs are designed to empower them to excel in their roles and comfortably adapt to their new environment.

Going beyond training, we prioritise the well-being of our maids by collaborating with NGOs and charity organisations to provide meaningful rest day programs. These initiatives enable our maids to develop new skills, engage in community activities, and enjoy well-deserved leisure time, fostering their personal growth and happiness.

Effortless Hiring Process

At House on Hire, we streamline the hiring process of Bangladeshi maids to ensure efficiency and simplicity. Leveraging our expertise in handling the intricacies of hiring Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore, we provide a comprehensive suite of services covering every aspect of the hiring journey. From the initial candidate selection to the final integration into your household, our transparent process avoids unexpected expenses, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for both the employer and the maid.

Financial Eligibility Verification

House on Hire ensures that employers are financially equipped to hire a Bangladeshi maid. Mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), a financial check considers the monthly salary (ranging from $550 to $800) along with other expenses such as the monthly levy, compensation for rest days, and living costs. This step is crucial to ascertain the employer’s capability to sustainably support a maid.

Work Permit and Documentation

Securing a work permit for the Bangladeshi maid is a key requirement. Employers must provide necessary details, including the maid’s passport and family information, and confirm the maid’s consent. Additionally, employers are responsible for obtaining medical or personal accident insurance and a $5,000 security bond per helper.

Training and Orientation

New Bangladeshi maids undergo mandatory training to prepare them for their responsibilities. First-time employers are required to attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their roles. House on Hire provides comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring that both the employer and the maid are well-prepared for their partnership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average pay for Bangladeshi maids depends on their skills, experience, and past jobs. New maids can make as much as $550 a month, but those with more experience can make up to $700 a month, especially in Singapore. Maids with experience working in places like Hong Kong or Taiwan may get paid a little more. Negotiating a fair wage for the maids that takes into account their skills and duties is made more accessible by House on Hire.

Foreign domestic helpers in Singapore, like Bangladeshi maids, get four days off every month. They need to be paid if they agree to work on these days. This is figured out by taking their basic pay and dividing it by 26 working days to get their daily wage. House on Hire makes sure that this pay is fair and follows the law.

In Singapore, you need a work permit to properly hire a Bangladeshi maid. This requires sending in a lot of information, like the maid’s ID number and the employer’s family information. House on Hire helps with this process and makes sure all the paperwork is done correctly. The application for a work permit is a very important step to make sure that the job is legal in Singapore.

According to MOM rules, companies must give their Bangladeshi maids medical insurance that covers at least $60,000. This insurance is very important for the maid’s health care and for covering any unexpected medical costs. The website House on Hire helps clients choose the right insurance plans for their maids, making sure they meet all the legal requirements and protect the workers properly.

Maids from Bangladesh have to go through a full medical exam before they can start working in Singapore. In addition, they have to get health checks every six months to make sure they stay healthy and able to work. The maid needs these check-ups to make sure that any health problems are caught early and that she is healthy generally. House on Hire helps companies manage the costs of these doctor visits and makes sure they happen on time.

Absolutely, House on Hire makes it easy for managers and maids to talk about pay in a fair and clear way. In this discussion, things like the maid’s experience, unique skills, and the needs of the job are taken into account. Our goal is to find a price that works for both parties: one that pays the maid fairly for her skills and stays within the employer’s budget.

People who are hiring for the first time have to go to the Employers Orientation Program (EOP). Employers will learn about their duties and the best ways to hire a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) through this training. That way, managers are sure they know how to hire and manage a foreign domestic worker in a way that is unique.

The government of Singapore charges a fee every month for hiring foreign housekeepers, such as Bangladeshi maids. Fees for the first maid are $300 a month, and fees for the second are $450 a month. But there may be cases where a $60-a-month concessionary fee rate applies, like in homes with young children or older people. The website House on Hire has information to help you understand and meet these tax standards.

An important part of Bangladeshi maids’ health is respecting and meeting their food needs and limits. To make sure these needs are met, employers are urged to talk to and learn about any special food needs, such as cultural or religious limits. House on Hire recommends making a setting that respects these things so that people can live and work in comfort and with respect.

There is no cost to the boss for the physical test for the Bangladeshi maid. These tests must be taken by the maid before she starts working and then every six months after that. House on Hire helps by giving companies access to linked centres that offer discounted medical services. This makes it easier and cheaper for employers.