We offer a wide variety of services for foreign employment.

Hire Maids and Foreign Workers in Singapore at House on Hire

Skills and expertise

The introduction of Filipino, Indian maid, or Indonesian maid talent through employment agencies in Singapore like House on Hire enriches your operations with distinct skills, aligning with specialties not readily available in the local workforce, thus fostering innovation and operational efficiency.

Cost savings

A Maid agency in Singapore can facilitate labour cost reductions without compromising quality, as foreign workers may offer competitive wage rates. This is particularly advantageous for businesses in sectors facing tight margins or intense competition, offering a strategic edge through financial efficiency.

Addressing labor shortages

When companies face difficulties sourcing enough qualified domestic workers, turning to employment agencies in Singapore can mitigate these labour shortages. These agencies ensure businesses access the essential talent to thrive.

Cultural diversity

Incorporating workers from diverse backgrounds, such as those provided by an Indian maid agency or an Indonesia maid agency, fosters a richly diverse and inclusive environment. This diversity benefits businesses by elevating creativity, innovation, and overall workplace morale.

Economic growth

The practice of hiring foreign workers, facilitated by maid agencies in Singapore such as House on Hire, not only balances labour market demands but also propels economic growth. The remittances these workers send home contribute significantly to the development and economic expansion of their countries.

Frequently Asked Questions about House on Hire

House on Hire specialises in connecting clients with top-notch domestic assistance, encompassing services such as housekeeping, childcare, and various other household duties. Additionally, we facilitate the process of finding appropriate accommodations or rental houses for your employed domestic helpers, ensuring both comfort and convenience.

The arrangement may vary depending on the client and House on Hire staff. We offer options where domestic help resides with the family, while others may provide separate living arrangements.

The suitability of a house may depend on factors like size, facilities, and proximity to the employer’s location. House on Hire often provides guidance on the type of housing that is conducive to creating a comfortable living environment for domestic help.

House on Hire typically conducts thorough background checks and screening processes for the domestic help they recommend. They may also verify work history, references, and legal eligibility to work in the respective country.

The level of customization depends on the specific arrangement made by House on Hire and its client. We offer tailored services to meet the unique needs of each client, while others may have standard service packages.

Yes, we offer flexible arrangements, including short-term placements. It’s essential to discuss your specific needs with the US to find a suitable solution for the duration you require domestic help.