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Sri Lankan Maids: Where Skill, Trust, and Reliability Converge!

House on Hire is your distinguished choice for premier Sri Lankan maid services in Singapore. We specialise in facilitating connections between families and exceptionally qualified Sri Lankan maids, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of your household.

Our agency is unwaveringly dedicated to delivering excellence in home care, fostering a harmonious and efficient domestic environment for our esteemed clients. At House on Hire, indulge in an amalgamation of professional proficiency, cultural compatibility, and unwavering dedication to service that sets us apart in the realm of domestic assistance.

Why Opt for Our Skilled Sri Lankan Maids?

Professionalism and Expert Training

Our Sri Lankan maids are meticulously trained professionals, equipped with the expertise to handle a diverse range of household tasks. From routine cleaning to specialised chores, their training ensures your home is maintained to the highest standards with absolute professionalism.

Cultural Harmony and Insight

Renowned for their cultural compatibility with Singaporean households, Sri Lankan maids stand out as the preferred choice for many families. Their seamless integration into your home fosters a sense of familiarity and comfort, enriching the overall living experience.

Dependability and Integrity

At House on Hire, we place a premium on the reliability and trustworthiness of our maids. Each undergoes a thorough vetting process to ensure not only skill proficiency but also dependability and honesty. This commitment guarantees you peace of mind and a secure home environment.

Our Customised Service for Sri Lankan Maids

At House on Hire, we’re committed to making sure that your home is a haven of comfort and efficiency by offering a wide range of services through our Sri Lankan maids.


Full-Service Home Management

Our Sri Lankan maids are very good at cleaning the house in general. They pay close attention to every detail when they clean, organise, and maintain the space every day. This includes deep cleaning all rooms, doing your laundry, and washing, so your home is always clean and nice to look at.


Exceptional Cooking Skills

We know how important it is for busy families to have meals that are both healthy and tasty. Our maids are skilled in many types of cooking and can make healthy, family-friendly meals. They can also accommodate special food needs or limits. They are also good at planning meals and going food shopping, which makes mealtimes easy and fun.


Care for Children and Growth

Not only do our Sri Lankan maids take care of your kids, but they also care about their growth and well-being. They know how to keep kids interested in learning activities, help with homework, and handle after-school tasks. Their loving and patient approach makes sure that your kids are in a safe and caring place.


Compassion for Elderly

Our Sri Lankan maids care for families with old members in a kind and thoughtful way. They are taught to help with daily tasks, managing medications, and being a friend, making sure that your old loved ones stay comfortable and maintain their respect.


Made to Fit Your Schedule

We offer open service options because we know that modern lives are always changing. Our goal is to work with your routine and needs so that our services fit in perfectly with your family, whether you need full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out care.

At House on Hire, we strive to go beyond basic household tasks, focusing on creating a harmonious and efficient home environment. Our services are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

How We Choose Our Sri Lankan Maids

Screening in Great Detail for Trust and Reliability

As the first step in our process, we do thorough background checks that include checking contacts, work records, and any formal paperwork that is needed. We make sure that every maid we hire not only meets our high standards of honesty but also follows all the rules set by the government.

Thorough Skill Assessment and Training

Candidates have to go through tough skill tests to see how well they can do things like housework, cooking, caring for children, and taking care of the elderly. In addition, we give them thorough training to improve their skills and keep them up to date on the best ways to provide home care.

Matching of Personalities and Compatibility

We pay special attention to personality matching because we know that finding the right person is important for a happy home. Our process includes learning about your family's likes and dislikes and how they live so that we can find a maid whose attitude and way of working will fit in with your home.

Priority Setting for Health and Safety

We make sure that all of our maids know the health and safety rules that apply to home care. This includes learning how to give first aid, handle household items safely, and how to respond to emergencies, so they can keep their home safe and healthy.

Continuous Feedback and Improvement

Our process for choosing employees is dynamic and always changing. We often ask our clients for feedback, which helps us improve our hiring process and training programs so that our maids not only meet your needs but also go above and beyond them.

At House on Hire, we strive to go beyond basic household tasks, focusing on creating a harmonious and efficient home environment. Our services are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

How to Hire a Sri Lankan Maid in Singapore?

When considering the engagement of an Sri Lankan maid in Singapore, follow these crucial steps for a seamless process:

Engage a Reputable Employment Agency

Choose a licensed agency specialising in foreign domestic workers. Refer to the Ministry of Manpower's list of licensed agencies for a reliable selection.

Select an Ideal Candidate

Peruse the agency's database of Sri Lankan maids and choose one that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

Apply for the Work Permit

The agency will guide you through the process of applying for your maid's work permit, necessitating the submission of your personal and employment details.

Undergo Pre-Employment Medical Examination

Ensure your maid undergoes a comprehensive medical examination to confirm her fitness for employment.

Finalise with Employment Contract

Conclude the hiring process by signing an employment contract that outlines crucial details such as working hours, salary, rest days, and job scope.

Secure Insurance Coverage

Acquire medical insurance for your maid, encompassing hospitalisation and surgery, as mandated by the Ministry of Manpower.

Fulfil Monthly Maid Levy

Adhere to the monthly payment of the levy associated with hiring a foreign domestic worker.

Enrol in Settling-In Program

Ensure your maid attends a Settling-In Program, facilitating her adjustment to life in Singapore.

Provide Ongoing Support

Prioritise the well-being and equitable treatment of your maid by offering consistent support and supervision throughout her tenure.

At House on Hire, we help with every step of the process, from finding the right maid to taking care of all the paperwork. Contact us to make the process of hiring easy and quick.

Financial Factors When Hiring Sri Lankan Maids

Pay Structure and Negotiation

When setting the pay for our Sri Lankan maids at House on Hire, we carefully consider things like their experience, where they’re from, and the specific needs of each boss. To make sure that everyone gets a good deal, our team helps with clear pay talks.

Policy for Off-Day Pay

In line with Singapore’s rules, we handle the pay for maids who work on their days off. This includes a clear estimate based on how much the maid normally makes each day.

Tax Advice from the Government

As required by the Singaporean government, we give full advice on how to pay the fee for Sri Lankan maids, including the different rates and terms for the concessionary tax.

Nutritional and Dietary Factors

As part of our method, we advise households on how to feed their maids foods that are healthy and proper for their culture, with a focus on respecting their dietary needs and limits.

Required Mandatory Insurance

Following MOM’s rules, we make sure that clients give their maids the necessary health insurance, protecting their health and well-being.

Medical exam and health checks

Sri Lankan maids can get the medical exams they need through House on Hire, which makes sure they follow MOM’s rules. Our network of clinis also gives them access to affordable medical care.

Why Choose House on Hire for Your Sri Lankan Maid Services?

House on Hire stands at the forefront of Sri Lankan maid services in Singapore, distinguished by several pivotal factors:

Dedication to Unmatched Quality

Our steadfast commitment to excellence permeates every facet of our service, ensuring that your association with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Tailored and Personalised Services

Recognizing the uniqueness of each family, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke services. This approach allows us to match you with the ideal Sri Lankan maid tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Proven and Trusted Expertise

With a wealth of industry experience spanning several years, we have cultivated a reputation for reliability and a consistent standard of excellence in providing maid services.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our paramount concern. We are dedicated to attentively listening to and addressing your requirements, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience from start to finish.

Sustained Support and Guidance

At House on Hire, our commitment doesn't end with the placement. We provide continuous support and guidance to both our clients and maids, fostering a positive and enduring relationship that extends beyond the initial engagement.

Excellent Facilitated Integration

House on Hire is dedicated to ensuring the smooth integration of Sri Lankan maids into Singaporean households. Recognizing the pivotal role of a harmonious employer-maid relationship, we offer comprehensive training programs that equip our maids with essential skills and cultural knowledge. This tailored training empowers them to excel in their roles and adapt comfortably to their new environment.

Prioritising Maid Well-being

House on Hire is dedicated to ensuring the smooth integration of Sri Lankan maids into Singaporean households. Recognizing the pivotal role of a harmonious employer-maid relationship, we offer comprehensive training programs that equip our maids with essential skills and cultural knowledge. This tailored training empowers them to excel in their roles and adapt comfortably to their new environment.

Prioritising Maid Well-being

Beyond training, our commitment extends to the well-being of our maids. We collaborate with NGOs and charitable organisations to provide meaningful rest day programs. These initiatives enable our maids to develop new skills, engage in community activities, and enjoy well-deserved leisure time, fostering their personal growth and happiness.

Uncomplicated Hiring Process

At House on Hire, we streamline the hiring process for Sri Lankan maids, ensuring efficiency and simplicity. Our unparalleled expertise in handling the intricacies of hiring Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore encompasses every aspect of the journey – from candidate selection to seamless integration into your household. Our transparent process avoids unexpected expenses, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for both employers and maids.

Financial Eligibility Assurance

House on Hire ensures that employers are financially equipped to hire a Sri Lankan maid. Complying with the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) financial eligibility check, we consider monthly salary, monthly levy, compensation for rest days, and living costs. This crucial step ensures the employer’s sustainable capability to support a maid.

Work Permit and Documentation

Securing a work permit for the Sri Lankan maid is a key requirement. Employers must provide necessary details, including the maid’s passport and family information, and confirm the maid’s consent. Additionally, employers are responsible for medical or personal accident insurance and a $5,000 security bond per helper.

Training and Orientation Support

New Sri Lankan maids undergo mandatory training to prepare them for their responsibilities. First-time employers must attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their roles. House on Hire provides comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring both the employer and the maid are well-prepared for their partnership.

Success Stories

Uncover What a Sri Lankan Maid Can Do For Your Home Care!

At House on Hire, we’re more than just a maid service; we’re a determined group of people who want to make your life better. The Sri Lankan maids who work for us represent our constant commitment to quality. Choose us if you want a home that is not only peaceful but also well-run and where your needs are met with care and respect. Calling us today is the first thing you can do to make your home more peaceful and well-kept.

Are you ready for a skilled Sri Lankan maid to make your home life better? Don’t wait any longer. Call us at +6588004248 right now to talk about your needs and get a custom price. You could also fill out our online form, and someone from our team will get back to you right away. Allow House on Hire to make your search for the ideal maid a smooth and successful one.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average salary varies based on experience and skills. New maids typically earn around $550 monthly, while those with local experience may earn between $600 to $700. House on Hire aids in negotiating a fair salary based on expertise and responsibilities.
Sri Lankan maids in Singapore are entitled to four off days monthly. Compensation for working on these days is calculated based on their daily wage. House on Hire ensures fair compensation, aligning with legal requirements for rest days.
Obtaining a work permit is crucial for employing a Sri Lankan maid legally. House on Hire assists with accurate documentation, ensuring compliance with Singapore’s legal requirements.
Employers must provide a minimum of $60,000 in medical insurance coverage. House on Hire guides employers in selecting suitable plans that meet legal requirements and ensure adequate protection for maids.
Pre-employment medical exams are mandatory, followed by biannual check-ups. House on Hire coordinates appointments, assisting employers with associated costs.
Yes, House on Hire facilitates transparent salary negotiations, considering factors like experience and skills to achieve mutually agreeable compensation.
First-time employers must attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their responsibilities when hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker. House on Hire ensures employers are prepared for the unique aspects of employing a foreign domestic worker.
In Singapore, the government mandates a monthly fee for hiring foreign domestic help, such as Sri Lankan housemaids. Typically, the fee is $300 monthly for the initial maid and increases to $450 for a second maid. Nonetheless, under specific circumstances, like homes with young kids or elderly residents, a reduced rate of $60 per month can be applicable. House on Hire offers assistance in navigating and complying with these levy obligations.
Respecting dietary restrictions is crucial. House on Hire encourages open communication to understand and accommodate dietary needs, fostering a comfortable living and working environment.
Employers are responsible for covering the costs of mandatory medical examinations. House on Hire facilitates affordable options through partnered clinics for employer convenience.