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Indonesian Maids in Singapore: Your Partners in Premier Home Care!

House on Hire is one of Singapore’s premier destinations for Indonesian maid services. We specialise in connecting families with highly qualified Indonesian maids, tailored to meet the specific needs of your household.

Our agency is committed to delivering excellence in home care, ensuring a harmonious and efficient household for our clients. With House on Hire, experience a blend of professional skills, cultural compatibility, and dedicated service that stands apart in the world of domestic assistance.

Why Choose Our Indonesian Maids?

Expert Training and Professionalism

Our Indonesian maids undergo extensive training, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle various household tasks with utmost professionalism. From general cleaning to more specialised tasks, they possess the skills necessary to maintain your home to the highest standards.

Cultural Compatibility and Understanding

Indonesian maids are known for their cultural affinity with Singaporean households, making them a preferred choice for many families. Their ability to seamlessly blend into the household brings a sense of familiarity and comfort, enhancing the overall living experience.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

At House on Hire, we prioritise the reliability and trustworthiness of our maids. Each maid is carefully vetted to ensure they are not only skilled but also dependable and honest, providing you with peace of mind and a secure home environment.

Our Tailored Indonesian Maids Services

At House on Hire, we are dedicated to providing an extensive array of services through our Indonesian maids, ensuring your home is a sanctuary of comfort and efficiency.


Comprehensive Home Management

Our Indonesian maids are experts in general housekeeping. They handle daily cleaning, organising, and upkeep tasks with meticulous attention to detail. This includes thorough cleaning of all rooms, laundry services, and ironing, ensuring your home is always welcoming and presentable.


Culinary Expertise

We understand the importance of nutritious and delicious meals in a busy household. Our maids are skilled in a variety of cuisines, capable of preparing healthy, family-friendly meals, and can cater to specific dietary preferences or restrictions. They are also adept at meal planning and grocery shopping, making meal times effortless and enjoyable.


Childcare and Development

Our maids are more than caretakers; they are invested in the growth and well-being of your children. They are experienced in engaging children in educational activities, assisting with homework, and managing after-school routines. Their caring and patient approach ensures a safe and nurturing environment for your children.


Eldercare with Compassion

For families with elderly members, our maids provide compassionate and attentive care. They are trained to assist with daily routines, medication management, and provide companionship, ensuring the comfort and dignity of your elderly loved ones.


Tailored to Your Schedule

Understanding the dynamic nature of modern lifestyles, we offer flexible service arrangements. Whether you need full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out services, our goal is to accommodate your schedule and requirements, providing a seamless fit for your household.

At House on Hire, we strive to go beyond basic household tasks, focusing on creating a harmonious and efficient home environment. Our services are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Selection Process for Indonesian Maids

In-Depth Screening for Optimal Trust and Reliability

Our process begins with thorough background checks, including verification of employment history, references, and any necessary legal documentation. This ensures that each maid we select not only meets our high standards of integrity but also complies with all regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Skill Assessment and Training

Candidates undergo rigorous skill assessments to evaluate their proficiency in household tasks, cooking, childcare, and eldercare. We also provide comprehensive training to enhance their skills, ensuring they are up-to-date with the best practices in domestic care.

Personality and Compatibility Matching

Understanding that the right fit is crucial for a harmonious household, we pay special attention to personality matching. Our process involves understanding your family’s preferences and lifestyle to find a maid whose personality and work style aligns with your home’s environment.

Health and Safety Prioritisation

We ensure that all our maids are trained in health and safety standards relevant to home care. This includes first aid, emergency response, and safe handling of household products, ensuring they can maintain a safe and healthy living space.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback

Our selection process is dynamic and continuously evolving. We regularly gather feedback from our clients to refine our selection criteria and training programs, ensuring our maids not only meet but exceed your expectations.

At House on Hire, we strive to go beyond basic household tasks, focusing on creating a harmonious and efficient home environment. Our services are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

How to Hire an Indonesian Maid in Singapore?

If you’re considering hiring an Indonesian maid in Singapore, follow these essential steps for a smooth process:

Find a Reputable Employment Agency

Choose a licensed agency with a specialisation in foreign domestic workers. Check the Ministry of Manpower for a list of licensed agencies.

Select a Candidate

Browse the agency's database for Indonesian maids and select one that meets your requirements.

Apply for a Work Permit

The agency will assist in applying for your maid's work permit, requiring your personal and employment details.

Pre-Employment Medical Examination

Ensure your maid undergoes a medical examination to confirm fitness for work.

Sign the Employment Contract

Finalise the hiring process with an employment contract detailing working hours, salary, rest days, and job scope.

Purchase Insurance

Buy medical insurance for your maid, covering hospitalisation and surgery, as required by the Ministry of Manpower.

Pay the Maid Levy

Pay the monthly levy for hiring a foreign domestic worker.

Settle-in Program

Have your maid attend a Settling-In Program to adjust to life in Singapore.

Provide Ongoing Support

Ensure the well-being and fair treatment of your maid with continuous support and supervision.

At House on Hire, we offer comprehensive assistance throughout this process, from selecting the right maid to handling all necessary procedures. Contact us to make the hiring process effortless and efficient.

Financial Considerations in Hiring Indonesian Maids

Salary Structure and Negotiation

At House on Hire, we meticulously structure the salary of our Indonesian maids, considering factors like experience, origin, and specific employer requirements. Our team assists in transparent salary negotiations, ensuring a fair agreement for both parties.

Off Day Compensation Policy

In compliance with Singapore’s regulations, we manage the compensation for maids working on their off days. This includes a clear calculation based on the maid’s regular daily wage.

Government Levy Guidance

We provide comprehensive guidance on the levy payments for Indonesian maids as mandated by the Singapore government, explaining the varied rates and conditions for the concessionary levy.

Nutritional and Dietary Considerations

Our approach includes advising employers on providing balanced and culturally appropriate meals for their maids, emphasising respect for dietary preferences and restrictions.

Mandatory Insurance Requirements

Staying abreast with MOM’s regulations, we ensure that employers provide the required medical insurance coverage for their maids, safeguarding their health and wellbeing.

Medical Examination and Health Check-ups

House on Hire facilitates the necessary medical examinations for Indonesian maids, ensuring compliance with MOM’s regulations, and offers access to cost-effective medical services through our network of clinics.

Why House on Hire?

House on Hire stands out as a leader in providing Indonesian maid services in Singapore due to several key factors:

Commitment to Quality

Our unwavering commitment to quality in every aspect of our service ensures that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Personalised Service

We understand that each family is unique. That’s why we offer tailored services to match the right Indonesian maid to your specific needs.

Trusted Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to listening to and addressing your needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Continuous Support

We provide ongoing support and advice to both our clients and maids, fostering a positive and lasting relationship.

Facilitation of Integration by House on Hire

House on Hire is committed to ensuring the seamless integration of Indonesian maids into Singaporean households. Recognising the crucial role of a harmonious employer-maid relationship, we provide comprehensive training programs that equip our maids with essential skills and cultural knowledge. This training is tailored to help them excel in their roles and adapt comfortably to their new environment.

Beyond training, we prioritise the well-being of our maids. We collaborate with NGOs and charity organisations to offer meaningful rest day programs. These initiatives allow our maids to develop new skills, participate in community activities, and enjoy well-deserved leisure time, fostering their personal growth and happiness.

Hassle-Free Hiring Process

At House on Hire, we streamline the hiring process of Indonesian maids to ensure it’s efficient and free from complications. Our expertise in handling the intricacies of hiring Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore is unparalleled. We provide a comprehensive suite of services covering every aspect of the hiring journey – from the initial selection of candidates to the final integration into your household. Our process is designed to be transparent, avoiding unexpected expenses and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for both the employer and the maid.

Financial Eligibility Check

At House on Hire, we streamline the hiring process of Indonesian maids to ensure it’s efficient and free from complications. Our expertise in handling the intricacies of hiring Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore is unparalleled. We provide a comprehensive suite of services covering every aspect of the hiring journey – from the initial selection of candidates to the final integration into your household. Our process is designed to be transparent, avoiding unexpected expenses and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for both the employer and the maid.

Work Permit and Documentation

Securing a work permit for the Indonesian maid is a key requirement. Employers must provide necessary details, including the maid’s passport and family information, and confirm the maid’s consent. Additionally, employers are responsible for medical or personal accident insurance and a $5,000 security bond per helper.

Training and Orientation

New Indonesian maids undergo mandatory training, preparing them for their responsibilities. First-time employers must attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their roles. House on Hire provides comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring both the employer and the maid are well-prepared for their partnership.

Success Stories

Discover the Difference a Professional Indonesian Maid Can Make!

At House on Hire, we are more than just a maid agency; we are a team dedicated to improving your quality of life. Our Indonesian maids are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Choose us for a harmonious, well-managed home where your needs are understood and met with professionalism and care. Contact us today and take the first step towards a more peaceful, organised home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average salary for Indonesian maids varies based on experience, skills, and previous employment history. New maids usually earn from $550 per month, while those with more experience, particularly in Singapore, can earn between $600 to $700 monthly. Salaries for maids with experience in regions like Hong Kong or Taiwan may be slightly higher. House on Hire helps in negotiating a fair salary that reflects the maid’s expertise and the scope of their responsibilities.

In Singapore, foreign domestic helpers, including Indonesian maids, are entitled to four off days each month. If they agree to work on these days, compensation is required. This is calculated based on their daily wage, derived from their basic salary divided by 26 working days. House on Hire ensures that this compensation is fair and in accordance with the legal requirements, supporting both the maid’s right to rest and the employer’s need for flexibility.

To legally employ an Indonesian maid in Singapore, a work permit is essential. This involves submitting detailed information, including the maid’s passport details and the employer’s family details. House on Hire assists throughout this process, ensuring all necessary documentation is accurately completed. The work permit application is a crucial step in ensuring that the employment is compliant with Singapore’s legal requirements.

As per MOM regulations, employers must provide at least $60,000 in medical insurance coverage for their Indonesian maids. This coverage is crucial for the maid’s healthcare and unexpected medical expenses. House on Hire guides employers through selecting appropriate insurance plans, ensuring they meet the legal requirements, and providing adequate protection for the maids.

Indonesian maids are required to undergo a comprehensive pre-employment medical examination before starting work in Singapore. Additionally, they must complete biannual health check-ups to ensure they remain healthy and fit for work. These check-ups are critical for early detection of any health issues and for the overall well-being of the maid. House on Hire coordinates these medical appointments and assists employers with managing the associated costs.

Yes, House on Hire facilitates a fair and transparent salary negotiation process between employers and maids. This negotiation considers various factors such as the maid’s experience, specific skills, and the job’s requirements. Our aim is to achieve a mutually agreeable salary that fairly compensates the maid for her expertise and meets the employer’s budget.

For first-time employers, it’s mandatory to attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP). This program is designed to educate employers about their responsibilities and best practices when hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW). It ensures that employers are well-prepared for the unique aspects of hiring and managing a foreign domestic worker.

The government of Singapore imposes a monthly levy for employing foreign domestic workers, including Indonesian maids. The standard levy is $300 per month for the first maid and $450 for the second. However, a concessionary levy rate of $60 per month may apply under certain conditions, such as households with young children or elderly members. House on Hire provides guidance on understanding and meeting these levy requirements.

Respecting and accommodating the dietary restrictions or preferences of Indonesian maids is a key aspect of their well-being. Employers are encouraged to discuss and understand any specific dietary needs, such as cultural or religious restrictions, to ensure these needs are met. House on Hire advises creating a conducive environment that respects these aspects, ensuring a comfortable and respectful living and working arrangement.

The employer is responsible for covering the medical examination costs for their Indonesian maid. These examinations are mandatory and must be completed before the maid starts working, as well as biannually thereafter. House on Hire offers assistance by providing access to partnered clinics that offer special rates for these medical services, making it more affordable and convenient for employers.