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House on Hire: Revolutionising Patient Care in Singapore for Your Loved Ones

House on Hire stands as a leading agency in Singapore, offering exceptional patient care services. We are dedicated to providing compassionate and skilled care to those in need, ensuring peace of mind for both patients and their families. This holistic approach sets us apart in the realm of healthcare services, making us a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and empathetic care for their loved ones in Singapore.

Our team of professionals is not only trained in the latest healthcare practices but also in offering emotional support, essential in patient care. At House on Hire, we offer more than just services; we deliver care with a human touch.

Why Opt for House on Hire for Patient Care in Singapore?

Excellence in Training and Professionalism

Our patient care staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure they are fully prepared to provide top-notch patient care. They are skilled in a range of healthcare tasks, from basic assistance to more specialised care, upholding the highest standards in patient support.

Cultural Sensitivity and Understanding

Our caregivers are chosen for their ability to empathetically connect with Singaporean families, ensuring comfort and ease in caregiving. Their cultural understanding enhances the care experience, making them a harmonious addition to any home.

Commitment to Reliability and Trust

At House on Hire, we place a high value on the reliability and trustworthiness of our caregiving staff. Each caregiver is meticulously screened for their skills, dependability, and integrity, offering you peace of mind and a secure caregiving environment.

Our Specialised Patient Care Services

Experience unparalleled patient care with House on Hire, where we prioritise creating a comforting and efficient home environment for patients in Singapore.


Comprehensive Home Management

Our dedicated caregivers excel in all aspects of home care. They ensure meticulous cleaning, organising, and upkeep of your home, making it a serene sanctuary conducive to optimal patient care.


Nutritional Meal Preparation

Understanding the importance of nutrition, our caregivers are adept at preparing wholesome meals. They cater to dietary needs and preferences, adding ease and enjoyment to meal times for patients.


Child and Elder Patient Care

Our caregivers are more than just attendants; they are integral to the growth and comfort of your family. Skilled in engaging children in educational activities and providing compassionate eldercare, they create a safe and nurturing environment.


Attentive Eldercare

We offer personalised eldercare services, focusing on the unique needs of elderly patients. Our caregivers are trained in areas such as mobility assistance, memory care, and companionship, guaranteeing a respectful and dignified living experience.


Flexible Scheduling Options

Our services are tailored to fit your lifestyle. Whether you need full-time, part-time, or live-in arrangements, we adapt to your patient care needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your home.

House on Hire goes beyond standard care, focusing on creating a harmonious and efficient environment in your home. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of our services.

Our Selection Process for Patient Care Staff

Rigorous Screening for Dependability and Competence

Our selection process for patient care staff begins with in-depth background checks. This includes verifying their employment history, relevant qualifications, references, and compliance with legal standards. We ensure each staff member not only upholds our high standards of professionalism but also meets all regulatory requirements in Singapore.

Thorough Skill Evaluation and Advanced Training

House on Hire rigorously assesses candidates for proficiency in critical patient care areas, such as healthcare assistance, personalised care, and nutritional management. We also offer advanced training to our staff, ensuring their expertise is in line with the highest standards of patient care and updated best practices.

Personalized Caregiver Matching for Patient Care

Recognizing the importance of a compatible caregiver-patient relationship, House on Hire places great emphasis on personality and compatibility matching. Our process involves a deep understanding of your specific needs and preferences in patient care to ensure we pair you with a caregiver whose personality and caregiving approach harmoniously aligns with your requirements.

Focus on Health and Safety in Patient Care

At House on Hire, we prioritise health and safety in our patient care services. Our caregivers are thoroughly trained in relevant health and safety protocols, including first aid, emergency responses, and the safe administration of care. This ensures they uphold the highest standards of safety and well-being in providing care to patients in your home.

Ongoing Development and Client Feedback in Patient Care

House on Hire's approach to patient care is dynamic and constantly improving. We actively seek and incorporate feedback from our clients to enhance our caregiver selection and training processes. This ensures our caregivers not only fulfil but surpass your expectations in patient care.

Our thorough and evolving selection process is designed to provide you with patient care services that are reliable, proficient, and ideally matched to your family’s specific healthcare needs.

A Guide In Hiring a Patient Care Maid Made Simple

Starting to inquire for patient care services in Singapore? These important steps will make getting an patient care maid go smoothly:

Choose a Trusted Agency

Select a licensed agency specialising in foreign domestic workers, verified by the Ministry of Manpower. Explore their database for reputable options for patient care services in Singapore.

Handpick Your Ideal Candidate

Browse through the agency's database of patient care maids and choose one that aligns with your patient care requirements.

Secure the Work Permit

Let the agency assist you in the application process, providing personal and employment details for your maid's work permit.

Prioritise Health with Pre-Employment Examination

Ensure your maid undergoes a pre-employment medical examination to affirm fitness for patient care work in Singapore.

Seal the Deal with an Employment Contract

Finalise the hiring process by signing a comprehensive employment contract. Define working hours, salary, rest days, and job scope for precise patient care arrangements.

Invest in Insurance

Secure medical insurance covering hospitalisation and surgery, as mandated by the Ministry of Manpower, ensuring comprehensive coverage for patient care situations.

Fulfil Monthly Maid Levy

Abide by regulations and pay the monthly levy for hiring a foreign domestic worker, a necessary step for patient care services in Singapore.

Facilitate Adjustment with Settle-In Program

Ease your maid's transition into life by ensuring attendance at a Settling-In Program, crucial for adapting to patient care duties and life in Singapore.

Offer Ongoing Support

Ensure the well-being and fair treatment of your maid with continuous support and supervision, vital for maintaining high standards of patient care services.

At House on Hire, we streamline this process, offering comprehensive assistance from maid selection to procedural handling. Contact us to make patient care hiring effortless and efficient.

Financial Aspects of Arranging Patient Care Services

Salary Fee Structure and Agreement

At House on Hire, we thoughtfully establish the fees for our patient care services, taking into consideration the caregiver’s expertise, specific service requirements, and any unique needs of the employer. Our team facilitates transparent discussions about fees, ensuring a mutually agreeable arrangement for all parties involved.

Compensation Policy for Caregiver Days Off

Aligned with Singapore’s regulations, House on Hire handles compensation for caregivers working on their scheduled days off. This policy involves a transparent calculation, based on the caregiver’s standard daily wage, ensuring fairness and compliance with local laws.

Guidance on Government Levy for Patient Care Services

House on Hire offers detailed guidance on the government levy for patient care services, as required by Singaporean regulations. This includes comprehensive explanations of the rates, conditions, and any applicable concessions for the levy.

Nutritional and Dietary Management in Patient Care

House on Hire emphasises the importance of providing balanced and culturally sensitive meals for patients. Our approach includes guidance on respecting dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring the nutritional needs of patients are met with care and consideration.

Essential Insurance Requirements for Patient Care

In line with the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) regulations, House on Hire ensures that all necessary medical insurance coverage is arranged for patient care staff. This is to safeguard their health and wellbeing, maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.

Health Screening and Medical Check-ups for Caregivers

House on Hire arranges essential health screenings and medical check-ups for caregivers, ensuring they meet the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) health standards. Our agency also offers access to affordable medical services through a network of clinics, prioritising the health and safety of our caregivers and patients.

Why Choose House on Hire for Patient Care in Singapore?

House on Hire distinguishes itself as a premier provider of patient care services in Singapore, driven by several key qualities:

Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to high-quality service ensures an outstanding experience for our clients.

Personalized Care Solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient, we offer customised care services to meet specific needs.

Proven Expertise

Leveraging years of experience in patient care, we have established a reputation for trustworthiness and excellence.

Client-Focused Approach

Prioritising your satisfaction, we are committed to understanding and meeting your patient care needs.

Ongoing Support

We maintain continuous support and guidance for both our clients and caregivers, fostering positive, long-term relationships.

Facilitating Caregiver Integration at House on Hire

House on Hire is dedicated to ensuring the smooth integration of caregivers into Singaporean homes for patient care. Understanding the importance of a harmonious caregiver-patient relationship, we offer extensive training programs. These are designed to equip caregivers with necessary skills and cultural understanding, aiding them in excelling in their roles and comfortably adapting to their new settings.

In addition to training, we focus on caregiver well-being, collaborating with various organisations to provide enriching programs. These initiatives support their personal development and offer opportunities for community involvement and relaxation, enhancing their overall job satisfaction.

Streamlined Patient Care Staffing Process

House on Hire simplifies the process of arranging patient care services, ensuring efficiency and ease. Our expertise in the nuances of recruiting patient care staff in Singapore is unmatched. We offer a comprehensive range of services, covering every step from candidate selection to their seamless integration into your home. Our approach is transparent and straightforward, designed to prevent unforeseen costs and provide a smooth experience for both clients and patient care staff.

Financial Assessment for Patient Care Services

House on Hire ensures clients are financially prepared to engage in patient care services. The process involves an assessment, in line with guidelines, to gauge the client’s ability to afford the caregiver’s salary, alongside other expenses such as service fees and care-related costs. This evaluation is crucial in ensuring the client’s capacity to sustainably support a caregiver for high-quality patient care.

Work Permit and Essential Documentation for Patient Care Staff

Obtaining the necessary work permit for patient care staff is a crucial step. Clients must provide key information, including the caregiver’s passport details and confirm their agreement to the terms. Additionally, clients are responsible for ensuring appropriate insurance coverage and adhering to any bond requirements as per regulatory standards.

Training and Orientation for Proficient Patient Care

New patient care maids undergo mandatory training to prepare them for their patient care responsibilities. First-time employers attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their roles. House on Hire offers comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring both employer and maid are well-prepared for their partnership in patient care excellence.

Success Stories

Experience the Impact of Professional Patient Care with House on Hire!

House on Hire goes beyond being just a service provider; we are a team committed to enhancing your life quality. Our patient care services exemplify our dedication to excellence. Choose us for a well-coordinated, nurturing care environment where your needs are met with expertise and compassion. Reach out to us today to begin your journey towards a more serene and well-managed care setting.

Ready to transform your patient care experience? Don’t hesitate. Call us at +6588004248 to discuss your requirements and receive a tailored quote. You can also complete our online form, and our responsive team will promptly connect with you. Let House on Hire simplify your search for exemplary patient care, making it a stress-free and fulfilling process.

Frequently Asked Questions

House on Hire in Singapore specialises in a variety of patient care services. These include comprehensive healthcare assistance, personalised nutritional meal planning and preparation, along with specialised care for different age groups, including children and the elderly. They are focused on providing tailored care to meet the unique needs of each patient.

To guarantee high-quality patient care, House on Hire implements stringent skill assessments and advanced training programs. Caregivers are thoroughly vetted for their expertise in healthcare and personal care. Additionally, the agency regularly updates training to align with the latest best practices in patient care, ensuring caregivers are well-equipped to handle diverse care needs.

Yes, House on Hire offers highly customizable patient care services. They recognize the unique nature of each patient’s requirements and work closely with clients to tailor services accordingly. This may include specialised care plans, adapting services to fit specific medical needs, or providing culturally sensitive care.

The hiring process at House on Hire is comprehensive, starting from selecting a qualified caregiver to completing necessary paperwork. It includes verifying the caregiver’s qualifications, arranging health screenings, and providing orientation to align with the client’s specific needs. The agency ensures a smooth process, making it convenient for clients.

House on Hire’s training for caregivers is meticulous, covering essential patient care skills, emergency response, and cultural sensitivity. This training is regularly updated to reflect current healthcare standards. Additionally, caregivers receive orientation to understand and adapt to the unique environment of each client’s home.

When arranging patient care services, clients should consider various financial aspects. This includes the caregiver’s salary, service fees, and any additional expenses like insurance. House on Hire provides transparent cost details to help clients plan accordingly without facing unexpected expenses.

Clients are required to ensure proper insurance coverage for their caregivers, in line with regulatory standards. This typically includes medical insurance, which covers potential healthcare needs of the caregiver. House on Hire guides clients through this process to ensure compliance and protection for both parties.

House on Hire places great emphasis on the health and safety of its caregivers. This includes conducting initial health screenings and providing training in health and safety protocols. Regular health checks and support are also part of their commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

House on Hire offers continuous support for their patient care services, extending beyond initial placement. They remain available for ongoing communication, offer advice, and make adjustments as needed to ensure the highest quality of care and satisfaction for both the client and the caregiver.

To contact House on Hire for patient care services, clients can reach out via their phone number or fill out an online form available on their website. The agency responds promptly to inquiries and provides personalised quotes based on specific care needs.