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Punjabi Maids in Singapore: Your Access to Comprehensive Home Care!

As the preeminent provider of Punjabi Maid services in Singapore, House on Hire is an agency that takes pride in its work. Each meticulously chosen Punjabi maid is well-suited to meet the specific needs of your household, and we specialise in linking families with these maids.

By maintaining exceptional benchmarks in domestic care, we guarantee your household’s efficient and cohesive operation. Establishing a new standard in the field of domestic assistance, House on Hire offers a singular amalgamation of professional proficiency, cultural awareness, and steadfast dedication.

Why Should One Opt for Our Punjabi Maids?

Expertise and professionalism

Our Punjabi maids undergo comprehensive training, guaranteeing their proficiency in managing a wide range of household duties with utmost professionalism. From the undertaking of general cleaning duties to the execution of more specialised tasks, they possess the requisite skills to uphold excellent standards in maintaining your abode.

Cultural Compatibility and Comprehension

Punjabi maids are known for their cultural compatibility with Singaporean households, rendering them a highly favoured selection for numerous families. Their adeptness in effortlessly assimilating into the domicile engenders a feeling of familiarity and solace, thereby augmenting the overall residential sojourn.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

At House on Hire, we value our maids’ reliability and trustworthiness. Each maid is rigorously screened to ensure that they are not only professional but also trustworthy and honest, giving you peace of mind and a safe home environment.

Our Customised Punjabi Maid Service

House on Hire is dedicated to providing a wide range of services through our Punjabi maids, ensuring your home is comfortable and productive.


All-Around Housekeeping

The Punjabi maids we hire are generally very good at cleaning the house. They pay close attention to every detail when they tend, organise, and do maintenance jobs daily. This includes deep cleaning all rooms, doing your laundry, and folding your clothes perfectly. This will make sure that your home always looks nice and friendly.


Culinary Mastery

We know how important it is to have healthy, tasty meals. Our housekeepers are skilled at cooking various foods and can make healthy, family-friendly meals while considering special dietary needs or limits. They are great at planning meals and going food shopping, which makes mealtimes easy and fun.


Childcare and Development

Our maids do more than watch over your kids; they actively help them grow and stay healthy. They are good at keeping kids busy with educational activities, helping them with homework, and caring for their after-school routines. Their caring and patient approach ensures your kids are in a safe and loving environment.


Eldercare with Kindness

Our maids provide kind and caring care for homes with elderly members. They care about your old loved ones’ comfort and respect and are trained to help with daily tasks, managing medications, and providing company.


Designed to Fit Your Schedule

Because modern lifestyles are always changing, we offer open service plans. Whether you need full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out services, our goal is to work with your needs to make sure that we are a good fit for your family.

We at House on Hire want to do more than just simple housework. We want to create a peaceful and effective home environment. Our services show that we are always dedicated to quality and customer happiness.

Our Selection Process for Punjabi Maids

Thorough Vetting for Unparalleled Trustworthiness and Reliability

Our painstaking approach begins with thorough background checks, which include careful verification of job history, references, and required legal papers. This strict method guarantees that each maid follows our high standards of ethics and all regulatory demands.

Excellence in Training and Comprehensive Skills Evaluation

Candidates are subjected to rigorous skill examinations to determine their competency in-home activities, cooking, childcare, and eldercare. Our dedication to quality extends to rigorous training, ensuring that their abilities are not just sharpened but also in line with the most recent best practices in domestic care.

Prioritising Health and Safety Regulations

All of our maids are trained in home care health and safety requirements. This covers first aid, emergency response, and the proper handling of home items to ensure their capacity to provide a safe and healthy living environment.

Precision in Personality and Compatibility Matching

We pay a specific focus on personality matching since we recognise the critical importance of a flawless fit in establishing a pleasant family. Our process entails a comprehensive knowledge of your family's tastes and lifestyle, allowing us to pick a maid whose personality and work style blend effortlessly with the unique setting of your house.

Feedback and Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our selection procedure is dynamic and ever-changing. Regular customer feedback influences continuing modifications to our selection criteria and training programmes, ensuring that our maids not only meet but regularly surpass your exacting standards.

Our rigorous and thorough screening process at House on Hire is meant to guarantee that you obtain a maid service that is trustworthy, professional, and precisely matched to your family’s specific requirements.

How to Engage the Services of a Punjabi Maid in Singapore

For those considering hiring an Punjabi maid in Singapore, following these essential procedures is critical for a smooth process:

Seek Out a Reputable Employment Agency

Choose a certified agency that specialises in the placement of foreign domestic workers. To make an informed choice, see the Ministry of Manpower's approved list of accredited organisations.

Select an Ideal Candidate

Examine the agency's database for qualified Punjabi maids who meet your precise needs.

Begin Work Permit Application

Use the agency's experience to help you apply for your maid's work permit, which will need you to provide personal and employment information.

Mandate Pre-Employment Medical Examination

Ensure that your maid has a thorough medical check to ensure her fitness for the assigned chores.

Formalise Employment Contracts

Finish the recruiting process by drafting a detailed employment contract that specifies important elements such as working hours, remuneration, rest days, and job duties.

Secure Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

As required by the Ministry of Manpower, get medical insurance for your maid that covers hospitalisation and surgery treatments.

Complete the Maid Levy Requirement

Follow the monthly levy duty that comes with hiring a foreign domestic helper.

Encourage Attendance at Settling-In Programs

Enrol your maid in a Settling-In Program to help her adapt to life in Singapore.

Provide Sustained Support

Ensure your maid's sustained well-being and equal treatment by providing continual assistance and watchful oversight.

We provide thorough guidance during this process, from finding the perfect maid to managing all relevant processes. Contact us to make the employment process as simple and efficient as possible.

Financial Considerations in Hiring Punjabi Maids

Salary Structure and Expertise in Negotiation

We methodically design the wage structure for our Punjabi maids at House on Hire, taking into consideration criteria such as experience, origin, and unique employer requirements. Our skilled staff is at your disposal, supporting transparent pay talks in order to reach a fair arrangement that benefits both sides.

Off-Day Compensation Policy

We rigorously handle remuneration for maids working on their allocated off days in accordance with Singaporean rules. This necessitates an exact computation based on the maid’s usual daily salary.

Advisory on Government Levy

In compliance with the Singapore government’s directives, we provide thorough assistance on the complexities of levy payments for Punjabi maids. Our advice includes a thorough explanation of the various concessionary levy rates and circumstances.

Considerations for Nutrition and Diet

Our method involves counselling employers on how to provide well-balanced and culturally suitable meals for their maids. We stress the necessity of respecting dietary choices and constraints to establish a thoughtful and inclusive atmosphere.

Insurance Compliance Is Required

We guarantee that employers provide the necessary medical insurance coverage for their maids by strictly adhering to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules. This dedication protects the hired maids’ health and general well-being.

Medical Exams and Health Screenings

House on Hire arranges mandatory medical checks for Punjabi maids, ensuring complete adherence to MOM rules. Furthermore, we give access to low-cost medical treatments via our established network of clinics, with a focus on the health and well-being of our hired domestic workers.

Why House on Hire?

House on Hire distinguishes itself as a foremost provider of Punjabi maid services in Singapore, underpinned by several pivotal elements:

Commitment to Excellence

Our steadfast dedication to excellence permeates every facet of our service, assuring that your engagement with us surpasses expectations.

Bespoke Services

Recognizing the distinctive nature of each family, we offer personalised services tailored to match the ideal Punjabi maid with your unique requirements.

Seasoned Expertise

Backed by years of industry experience, we have cultivated a reputation for unwavering reliability and unparalleled excellence.

Customer-Centric Philosophy

Placing your satisfaction at the forefront, our customer-centric approach is anchored in dedicated attention to your needs, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience.

Sustained Assistance

Our commitment extends beyond the initial engagement. We provide continual support and guidance to both our esteemed clients and maids, fostering a positive and enduring partnership.

Integration Facilitation by House on Hire

House on Hire is committed to ensuring that Punjabi maids are seamlessly integrated into Singaporean families. Recognizing the importance of a positive employer-maid relationship, we offer extensive training programs that provide our maids the necessary skills and cultural awareness. This customised training enables individuals to flourish in their positions and easily adjust to their new surroundings.

Aside from training, we focus on our maids’ well-being by cooperating with NGOs and philanthropic groups to provide relevant rest day activities. These programs allow our maids to learn new skills, engage in community events, and enjoy well-deserved downtime, promoting personal development and pleasure.

Simple Hiring Process

We at House on Hire simplify the recruiting procedure for Punjabi maids to guarantee efficiency and avoid problems. Our unrivalled experience in managing the complexities of employing Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore is reflected in a complete array of services that cover every stage of the hiring process, from initial applicant selection to final integration into your family. 

Our open method eliminates unforeseen costs, delivering a pleasant, stress-free experience for both the employer and the maid.

Financial Eligibility Verification

House on Hire guarantees that companies can afford to hire a Punjabi maid. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires a financial check, which takes into account the monthly wage, which ranges from £550 to £800, as well as additional expenditures such as the monthly tax, compensation for rest days, and living expenses. This phase is critical in determining the employer’s capacity to maintain a maid indefinitely.

Work Permit and Documentation

Securing a work visa for the Punjabi maid is critical. Employers must supply all relevant information, such as the maid’s passport and family information, as well as confirm the maid’s approval. Employers must also get medical or personal injury insurance and a £5,000 security bond for each assistance.

Orientation and training

New Punjabi maids are required to attend training to be prepared for their tasks. First-time employers must attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to learn their duties. House on Hire offers complete assistance throughout the process, ensuring that both the employer and the maid are well-prepared for their collaboration.

Success Stories

Find Out What a Professional Punjabi Maid Can Do for You!

House on Hire is more than simply a cleaning service; we are a team devoted to improving your quality of life. Our Punjabi maids are proof of our dedication to quality. Choose us for a peaceful, well-managed home where your requirements are recognized and handled with expertise and care. Contact us now to take the first step toward a calmer, more organised home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical compensation for a Punjabi maid in Singapore is determined by their experience, talents, and previous job history. Novice maids normally start at $550 per month, but those with substantial experience, particularly in the Singaporean environment, may fetch monthly pay ranging from $600 to $700. Salaries for maids with previous experience in places like Hong Kong or Taiwan may be somewhat higher. House on Hire actively participates in pay negotiations to ensure that the maid’s competence and breadth of tasks are correctly reflected.

Foreign domestic workers, especially Punjabi maids, are entitled to four days off every month in Singapore. If they want to labour on certain days, they must be compensated. This compensation is based on their daily earnings, which is computed by dividing their basic monthly income by 26 working days. House on Hire ensures that this pay is fair and lawful while also honouring the maid’s right to rest and the employer’s need for flexibility.

A work permit is required to hire a Punjabi maid in Singapore lawfully. This involves the filing of specific information, such as the maid’s passport information and the employer’s family data. House on Hire offers extensive support during this procedure, ensuring all relevant documents are completed correctly. Applying for a work permit is critical in assuring compliance with Singapore’s legal employment standards.

Employers are required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to offer a minimum of $60,000 in medical insurance coverage for their Punjabi maids. This coverage is critical for the maid’s health and unanticipated medical costs. House on Hire assists employers in choosing suitable insurance policies, guaranteeing legal compliance, and providing enough protection for the maids.

Before starting work in Singapore, Punjabi maids must pass a comprehensive pre-employment medical check. They must also get biannual health checks to verify they are in good health and suitable for work. These check-ups are crucial for detecting any health concerns and ensuring the maid’s general well-being. House on Hire helps companies manage medical expenditures by coordinating these visits.

Indeed, House on Hire makes pay negotiations between employers and maids more open and equal. This discussion considers various elements, including the maid’s experience, specialised abilities, and work needs. The goal is to establish an agreement on pay that appropriately rewards the maid for her competence while remaining within the employer’s budget.

Attendance in the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) is required for first-time employers. This training is designed to teach businesses about their obligations and best practices when recruiting a migrant domestic worker (MDW). It guarantees that companies are well-prepared for the complexities of employing and managing a foreign domestic helper.

Singapore levies a monthly charge on employers that hire foreign domestic workers, especially Punjabi maids. The normal monthly charge is $300 for the first maid and $450 for the second. A concessionary levy rate of $60 per month may apply under specific situations, such as homes with small children or elderly people. House on Hire can help you understand and meet these levy obligations.

Respecting and honouring Punjabi maids’ dietary limitations or preferences is critical to their well-being. Employers are urged to participate in talks to understand any special dietary requirements, such as cultural or religious limitations, in order to guarantee these requirements are addressed. House on Hire offers advice on how to create a welcoming setting that values these factors, encouraging a pleasant and courteous living and working environment.

The employer is responsible for financing the fees of their Punjabi maid’s medical checkup. These exams are mandatory and must be passed before the maid begins employment and every two years following. House on Hire assists companies by providing access to associated clinics that offer discounted prices for certain medical services, making them cheaper and more convenient.