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Infant Care Excellence: Trained Maids for your Baby’s Best Start!

At House on Hire, we are the best Infant care maid service in Singapore. Our specialty is connecting families with highly qualified maids who can be carefully trained to meet the specific needs of your home.

Our service is dedicated to providing excellent home care and ensuring our clients’ homes run smoothly and peacefully. With House on Hire, you’ll experience a unique blend of professional knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and unshakable service commitment that makes us stand out in the housekeeping field.

Why Choose Our Maids For Infant Care?

Professionalism and expert training

Our maids undergo a lot of training to ensure they can do all kinds of housework with the greatest professionalism. They have the skills to keep your home in great shape, whether general cleaning or more specific tasks.

Cultural Compatibility and understanding

Our maids are known to be culturally compatible with Singaporean homes, so many families choose them. Their ability to assimilate into a family setting creates a sense of home and enhances overall quality of life.

Being Dependable and Trustworthy

At House on Hire, we put a lot of value on how reliable and trustworthy our maids are. Every maid goes through a thorough screening process to ensure they are skilled but also trustworthy and honest. This gives you peace of mind and a safe home environment.

Tailored Infant Care Services for Your Home

At House on Hire, we are committed to delivering comprehensive services through our infant care maids, ensuring that your home becomes a sanctuary of comfort and specialised care for your infants.


Comprehensive Nursery Management

Our infant care maids are experts in caring for infants, handling daily tasks with utmost attention to detail, including maintaining a clean and safe nursery, ensuring proper feeding schedules, and providing nurturing attention to your little ones.


Nutritional Expertise for Infants

We understand the importance of nutrition for your infants. Our maids are skilled in preparing age-appropriate, nutritious meals and accommodating specific dietary needs or preferences. They also excel in planning and organising baby food supplies, making feeding times effortless and enjoyable.


Infant Development and Engagement

Our maids go beyond basic care; they are dedicated to the growth and well-being of your infants. Experienced in providing age-appropriate stimulation and engaging activities and ensuring a secure environment, their caring and attentive approach fosters a nurturing setting for your infants’ early development.


Compassionate Eldercare

For families with elderly members, our maids provide compassionate and attentive support. Trained to assist with older people’s unique needs, including companionship, our maids ensure the comfort and dignity of your elderly loved ones.


Tailored to Your Infant's Schedule

Understanding the dynamic nature of infant care, we offer flexible service arrangements. Whether you need full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out services, our goal is to accommodate your infant’s schedule and specific requirements, providing a seamless fit for your household.

At House on Hire, our goal goes beyond simple housekeeping, focusing instead on creating a peaceful and effective home. The quality of our services shows our commitment to excellence and client happiness.

Our Process for Hiring Infant Care Singapore Maids

Screening for Trust and Reliability

As the first step in our process, we do thorough background checks that include checking contacts, work records, and any formal paperwork that is needed. We make sure that every worker we hire not only meets our high standards for honesty but also follows all the rules for caring for babies.

Complete Skill Assessment and Training

There are tough tests that candidates have to take to see how well they can feed, clean, and make sure the baby is safe. We give them a lot of training to improve their skills and make sure they know the latest best practices for caring for babies.

Personality and Compatibility Matching

We put a lot of effort into personality matches because we know how important it is for babies to be in a peaceful setting. To find a maid whose attitude and parenting style fit your home's baby care needs, we need to know about your family's likes and dislikes and how they live.

Prioritised Health and Safety

We care about your babies' health and safety, so we ensure that all of our workers are trained in the right way to care for babies. This includes first aid, how to handle an emergency, and how to safely handle items related to babies. This ensures that they can keep your kids' living area safe and healthy.

Persistent Improvement and Feedback

Our selection process is flexible and always changing. By getting regular feedback from our clients, we're able to improve our hiring process and training programs, making sure that our maids not only meet your standards but also go above and beyond to provide excellent baby care.

At House on Hire, we have a strict and thorough selection process that is meant to make sure you get a baby care service that is reliable, skilled, and great for your family’s needs.

How to Hire an Infant Care Maid in Singapore?

If you’re considering hiring a maid for infant care in Singapore, follow these essential steps for a smooth process:

Find a Reputable Infant Care Employment Agency

Choose a licensed agency specialising in infant care and foreign domestic workers. Refer to the Ministry of Manpower for a list of licensed agencies.

Select a Candidate for Infant Care

Browse the agency's database for maids experienced in infant care. Choose one whose skills and background align with your infant care requirements.

Apply for an Infant Care Maid Work Permit

The agency will assist in applying for your maid's work permit, requiring your personal and employment details, with a focus on infant care expertise.

Pre-Employment Medical Examination for Infant Care

Ensure your maid undergoes a thorough medical examination, emphasising fitness for infant care responsibilities.

Sign the Infant Care Employment Contract

Finalise the hiring process with an employment contract specifying details such as infant care hours, salary, rest days, and specific duties related to infant care.

Purchase Infant Care Insurance

Obtain medical insurance for your maid, covering infant care-related needs as required by the Ministry of Manpower.

Pay the Infant Care Maid Levy

Fulfil the monthly levy for hiring a foreign domestic worker specialising in infant care.

Settle-in Program for Infant Care

Have your maid attend a Settling-In Program tailored to infant care, aiding in adjusting to life in Singapore with a focus on infant care best practices.

Provide Ongoing Support for Infant Care

Ensure the well-being and fair treatment of your maid specialising in infant care by offering continuous support, guidance, and supervision.

At House on Hire, we offer comprehensive assistance throughout this process, from selecting the right maid to handling all necessary procedures. Contact us to make the hiring process effortless and efficient.

Financial Considerations in Hiring Infant Care Maids in Singapore

Salary Structure and Negotiation for Infant Care

At House on Hire, we meticulously structure the salary of our  infant care maids, considering factors such as experience, origin, and specific employer requirements related to infant care. Our team assists in transparent salary negotiations, ensuring a fair agreement for both parties with a focus on infant care expertise.

Off-Day Compensation Policy for Infant Care

In compliance with Singapore’s regulations, we manage the compensation for infant care maids working on their off days. This includes a clear calculation based on the maid’s regular daily wage, addressing financial considerations specifically related to infant care.

Government Levy Guidance for Infant Care

We provide comprehensive guidance on the levy payments for infant care maids as mandated by the Singapore government, explaining the varied rates and conditions for the concessionary levy.

Nutritional and Dietary Considerations for Infant Care

Our approach includes advising employers on providing balanced and culturally appropriate meals for their infant care maids, emphasising respect for dietary preferences and restrictions specific to infant care.

Mandatory Insurance Requirements for Infant Care

Staying abreast with MOM’s regulations, we ensure that employers provide the required medical insurance coverage for their infant care maids, safeguarding their health and well-being in the context of infant care.

Medical Examination and Health Check-ups for Infant Care

House on Hire facilitates the necessary medical examinations for infant care maids, ensuring compliance with MOM’s regulations related to infant care. We offer access to cost-effective medical services through our network of clinics, prioritising the health and well-being of maids specialising in infant care.

Why Choose House on Hire for Infant Care?

House on Hire is a distinguished leader in providing infant care maid services in Singapore, distinguished by several key factors:

Commitment to Quality Infant Care

Our unwavering commitment to quality in every aspect of our infant caregiving service ensures that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional in the realm of infant care.

Personalized Infant Care Service

We understand that each family's infant care needs are unique. That's why we offer personalised services to match the right infant care maid to your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored approach to infant care.

Trusted Experience in Infant Care

With years of experience in the infant care industry, we have built a reputation for reliability and excellence in providing skilled infant care maids who specialise in the unique needs of infants.

Customer-Centric Approach to Infant Care

Your satisfaction with our infant caregiving service is our top priority. We are dedicated to listening to and addressing your infant care needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both you and your little ones.

Continuous Support for Infant Care

We provide ongoing support and advice to both our clients and infant care maids, fostering a positive and lasting relationship. Our commitment extends beyond the initial hiring process to ensure the continued well-being and satisfaction of both parties involved in infant care.

Facilitation of Integration for Infant Care

House on Hire is committed to making sure that infant caregivers can easily become part of Singaporean families. We offer thorough training programs to give our infant caregivers the skills and cultural knowledge they need to do their jobs well. We know how important it is for employers and caretakers to get along. The goal of this training is to help them do their jobs better and feel at ease in the unique setting of baby care.


In addition to training, we put the health and safety of our baby care providers first. Working with non-governmental and charitable groups, we offer useful rest day programs that focus on taking care of babies. These programs give our baby caregivers the chance to learn new skills connected to caring for babies, get involved in community events, and enjoy some well-deserved free time. This helps them grow as people and be happier while caring for babies.

Hassle-Free Hiring Process for Infant Care

We simplify the process of hiring infant care maids at House on Hire so that it works quickly and without any problems, especially when it comes to baby care. It’s clear that we know how to handle the complexities of hiring migrant domestic workers who specialise in babysitting in Singapore better than anyone else. You can hire someone to care for your baby through our full range of services, which cover every step of the process, from choosing people to integrating them into your home. For both the employer and the babysitter, our process is clear, so there are no surprises when it comes to costs. It also makes sure that everything goes smoothly and without any problems.

Financial Eligibility Check for Infant Care

House on Hire makes sure that companies have the money they need to hire an infant care maid. The monthly salary ranges from $550 to $800, and there are other costs like the monthly levy, pay for rest days, and child care costs that add up. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires a financial check. This step is very important to find out if the company can really help a babysitter in the field of child care.

Work Permit and Documentation for Infant Care

Getting an infant caregiver a work permit is very important, especially when it comes to caring for babies. Employers must give all the necessary information, such as the maid’s certificate and family information, and make sure the caretaker agrees to care for the baby. Employers must also pay for medical or personal accident insurance and a $5,000 protection bond for each helper.

Training and Orientation for Infant Care

New infant caregivers have to go through training that prepares them for their duties, especially when it comes to caring for babies. People who are hiring for the first time have to go through the Employers Orientation Program (EOP) to learn what their jobs are in family child care. Through this whole process, House on Hire makes sure that both the boss and the infant caregivers are fully prepared to work together, especially when it comes to baby care.

Success Stories

Explore the Impact of a Qualified Infant Care Maid For Your Home!

At House on Hire, we transcend the typical cleaning service; we are a dedicated team committed to enhancing your home life, especially in baby care. Our infant care maids exemplify our unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality newborn care. Choose us for a serene, well-managed household where your baby care expectations are met and exceeded with skill and consideration. Reach out to us now to embark on your journey toward a more tranquil, organised home life—especially when caring for young children.


Ready to elevate your family’s quality of life with an infant care maid from House on Hire? Don’t delay any further. To discuss your requirements for baby care and receive a tailored price, call us at +6588004248. Alternatively, you can use our online form, and a staff member will contact you promptly. Let House on Hire simplify and enrich your quest for the ideal infant care maid, especially regarding baby care. This ensures that your home is a calm and productive haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

House on Hire provides a range of specialised infant care services, including skilled infant care maids tailored to meet the unique needs of families with infants.

Our selection process involves in-depth screening, including background checks, comprehensive skill assessments, personality matching, and health and safety prioritisation, ensuring trustworthy and reliable infant care maids.

House on Hire is distinguished by its commitment to quality, personalised service, trusted experience, customer-centric approach, and continuous support, creating a positive and lasting impact on infant care.

Yes, House on Hire understands that each family is unique. We facilitate personalised services, allowing you to select an infant caregiver whose skills and personality align with your specific infant care needs and preferences.

House on Hire meticulously structures the salary of our infant care maids, considering factors like experience, origin, and specific employer requirements. Negotiation is facilitated to ensure a fair agreement for both parties involved in infant care.

House on Hire adheres to Singapore’s regulations, managing compensation for infant care maids working on their off days. This includes a clear calculation based on the maid’s regular daily wage, promoting a fair balance between rest and flexibility in infant care.

House on Hire provides comprehensive guidance on the monthly levy payments for hiring infant care maids, ensuring compliance with Singapore government regulations and explaining varied rates and conditions for the concessionary levy.

Infant caregivers undergo mandatory pre-employment medical examinations and biannual health check-ups. House on Hire assists employers in covering the costs of these medical services to ensure compliance with regulations in infant care.

To begin the process of hiring an infant care maid, you can contact House on Hire directly. Our team will guide you through selecting the right maid, applying for a work permit, and completing other necessary procedures to ensure a seamless and efficient infant care service.