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Tailored Pet Care Excellence: House on Hire's Dedicated Services

House on Hire is a leading provider of exceptional pet care services. Our main goal is to act as facilitators between pet owners and dedicated, skilled pet care maids who are perfectly matched to meet the specific needs of your furry companions.

Our agency is committed to delivering outstanding pet care services and strives to create a harmonious and nurturing environment for each of our clients’ beloved animals. With a distinctive combination of expertise in pet care, cultural awareness, and unwavering dedication, House on Hire sets a distinctive standard in the realm of pet care and support.

Why Choose Our Pet Care Professionals?

Expert Training and Specialized Skills

Our pet caregivers undergo comprehensive training to proficiently handle a variety of pet care tasks. Whether it’s basic companionship or specialised care needs, they possess the expertise to meet your pet care requirements with professionalism and skill.

Cultural Alignment and Understanding

At House on Hire, our pet caregivers are carefully selected for their cultural compatibility with the local community, ensuring a seamless fit into your household. Their familiarity with the nuances of pet care makes them the preferred choice for families seeking compassionate and culturally attuned pet caregiving services.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

We prioritise the dependability and integrity of our pet caregivers at House on Hire. Each caregiver undergoes meticulous screening to ensure not only their pet care skills but also their trustworthiness and reliability. This commitment provides you with the assurance of a secure and trustworthy pet caregiving environment.

Our Tailored Pet Care Services

House on Hire is committed to offering a comprehensive range of pet care services through our skilled team, ensuring that your home remains a haven of comfort and support for your furry companions.


Personalized Pet Care Plans

At House on Hire, we understand that each pet is unique, with its own set of needs and preferences. Our tailored services begin with personalised pet care plans, ensuring that every furry friend receives the specific attention and care they deserve.


Specialised Training for Pet Care Professionals

Our pet caregivers undergo specialised training to handle various pet care tasks, from basic needs to advanced requirements. This ensures that our professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to cater to the diverse needs of different pets.


Individualised Attention and Companionship

We believe in the power of individualised attention and companionship for pets. Our caregivers are dedicated to forming strong bonds with your pets, providing them with the emotional support and interaction they need for a happy and fulfilling life.


Customised Feeding and Dietary Plans

Tailoring our services extends to dietary considerations. Our pet care professionals work with you to create customised feeding plans, taking into account your pet’s specific dietary requirements, allergies, and preferences.


Cultural Alignment for Stress-Free Pet Care

Just like our human caregiving services, we prioritise cultural alignment in our pet care services. Our caregivers are chosen not only for their expertise but also for their cultural compatibility, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable environment for your pets.


Flexible Scheduling and Routine Adaptability

We understand that pets thrive on routine. Our services are designed to be flexible, adapting to your pet’s established schedule and routines. Whether it’s playtime, walks, or nap schedules, our caregivers seamlessly integrate with your pet’s lifestyle.


Trustworthy and Reliable Care

Dependability and integrity are at the core of our pet care services. Each caregiver undergoes rigorous screening to ensure not only their pet care skills but also their trustworthiness. You can rest assured that your pet is in safe and reliable hands with House on Hire.


Open Communication Channels

Effective communication is key to a successful pet care partnership. We establish open channels of communication, keeping you informed about your pet’s well-being and any special considerations that may arise during our caregiving.

Our tailored services for pet care go beyond the generic, offering a comprehensive and personalised approach to meet the distinct needs of your beloved pets. With House on Hire, you can expect a level of care that is as unique as your furry family member.

Our House on Hire Pet Care Expert Selection Process

Rigorous Screening to Ensure Trusted and Passionate Pet Enthusiasts

An extensive background check is the first step in our painstaking procedure, which verifies the applicants' credentials, history, and important court records. This gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing that every pet enthusiast we choose abides by all applicable laws and respects our strict standards of ethics.

Skill Assessment and Training Designed for Pet Excellence

Candidates are put through a rigorous skill evaluation process to see how well-versed they are in pet care duties such as feeding, grooming, and maintaining a fun and safe environment. We provide thorough training to improve their abilities in pet care, making sure they remain current on the latest methods for giving your cherished animals individualised attention.

Matching Compatible Personalities for a Harmonious Pet Relationship

We place a strong emphasis on personality matching since we understand how important a peaceful pet home is. Our method entails getting to know your pet's preferences and way of life in order to match your house with a pet lover whose disposition and manner of pet care are a perfect fit.

Putting Health and Safety Regulations First

We make sure that every one of our pet enthusiasts is trained in the necessary pet care standards since we value your furry companions' health and safety. This guarantees a safe and healthy living environment for your dogs and covers first aid, emergency response, and the proper handling of pet supplies.

Continuous Improvement with Customer Feedback for Enhanced Services

Our selection procedure for pet care professionals is dynamic and always changing. In order to make sure that our pet enthusiasts not only meet but surpass your expectations in offering kind and knowledgeable pet care services, we regularly seek input from our customers in order to improve our standards and training initiatives.

Our thorough and exacting pet care expert screening process at House on Hire strives to provide you with a reliable and competent pet care service that is well-suited to your furry family members’ individual requirements.

How to Hire a Pet Care Professional

Here is a guide to help you expedite the recruiting process if you’re thinking about hiring a pet care professional:

Select a Reputable Pet Care Company

Select a licensed company that offers services specific to pet care. For a list of approved agencies, refer to the Ministry of Manpower.

Choose Your Perfect Pet Care Provider

Look through the database of pet care providers maintained by our organisation and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Apply for the Work Permit for Pet Care Providers

You may rely on our organisation to help you get the required licences, as well as to provide vital employment and personal information for the pet care provider of your choice.

Pre-Employment Health Check for Pets

Make sure the customers of your pet care professional go through a pre-employment health check to verify that they are fit for work.

Execute the Service Contract

Signing a thorough service contract brings the recruiting procedure to a close. The services, prices, scheduling, and any particular pet care obligations should all be included in this form.

Acquire Pet Medical Insurance

In accordance with applicable laws, get medical insurance that will pay for the veterinarian treatment your pets need.

Pay the Pet Care Levy

Pay any monthly fees or levies that are required in order to hire a pet care provider.

Participate in a Pet Settling-In Program

Make sure your dogs attend a Settling-In Program to help them acclimate to a new caretaker.

Provide Ongoing Support

Put your dogs' welfare and equitable treatment first by giving the pet care provider you hired constant assistance and oversight.

At House on Hire, we provide thorough support all through the hiring procedure for pet care. We streamline and expedite the hiring process by helping you choose the best pet care provider and handling all related paperwork. Simplify your pet care hiring process by getting in touch with us.

Financial Considerations in Hiring Pet Care Professionals

Framework for Compensation Negotiations

At House on Hire, we meticulously strategize the remuneration for our pet care professionals, taking into account factors such as their professional background, country of origin, and specific employer criteria. Our team actively facilitates transparent and open salary negotiations to ensure a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Policy on Compensation for Off Days

We manage the compensation for pet care professionals who work on their scheduled days off in compliance with regulations. This includes a precise calculation based on the regular daily wage of the individual responsible for pet care.

Government Levy Guidelines

In accordance with government requirements, we provide comprehensive guidance on levy payments for pet care professionals. This guidance clarifies the various rates and conditions that govern the concessional levy.

Dietary and Nutritional Considerations for Pets

Our approach involves advising pet owners on providing nutritious and pet-friendly meals for their animals, with a specific focus on accommodating dietary restrictions and preferences.

Mandatory Insurance Standards

Staying informed about regulations established by relevant authorities, we ensure that pet owners provide their pet care professionals with the necessary insurance coverage, safeguarding the well-being of the animals in their care.

Health Checkups and Medical Examinations for Pets

House on Hire upholds compliance with regulatory standards by MOMs. They also facilitate essential health checkups for pets and offer cost-effective medical services through our network of veterinary clinics.

Why House on Hire Stands Out?

Dedication to Superior Pet Care

Our unwavering commitment to providing excellent pet care in all facets of our offerings guarantees a remarkable experience for pet owners and their furry friends.

Solutions for Tailored Pet Care

We offer specialised pet care services because we understand that every pet has different demands, and we match you with the best pet care provider for your needs.

Reliable Pet Care Knowledge

With a wealth of knowledge in the pet care sector, we are known for our dependability and superiority when it comes to offering dependable pet care services.

Customer-First Approach to Pet Care

Our first goal is making sure you are satisfied. We are committed to comprehending and meeting your pet care requirements, making sure that everything runs well and that you and your dogs have a great time.

Constant Assistance and Direction

We create a good and long-lasting connection in the pet care industry by providing continuing assistance and guidance to both our customers and pet care providers.

House on Hire Offers Easy Integration Services for Pet Companions

It is the mission of House on Hire to make it as easy as possible for households to include their furry friends. We provide thorough training programs that are designed to provide our pet partners the fundamental skills and information needed to maintain a happy connection with their furry friends. We understand the importance of this relationship. They are expected to flourish in their positions and easily adjust to their new surroundings with the aid of this training.

The welfare of our animal friends comes first, even above training. We provide purposeful rest day activities in partnership with non-governmental and charitable groups. With the help of these programs, pet owners may enhance their personal development and well-being by learning new skills, taking part in community events, and enjoying well-earned downtime.

Streamlined and Effective Recruiting Procedure

For maximum speed and simplicity, we at House on Hire have streamlined the pet companion hiring procedure. Every step of the process, from the first applicant selection to the smooth integration into your home, is covered by our unmatched experience managing the difficulties of recruiting. For both the pet owner and their companion, our open and honest approach prevents unforeseen costs and guarantees a seamless and trouble-free experience.

Assessment of Financial Eligibility

Renting a pet companion doesn’t have to break the bank for pet owners thanks to House on Hire. Within restrictions, our paycheck takes into account the monthly salary, which is between $550 and $800, in addition to additional charges such as living expenses, the monthly pet care contribution, and pay for vacation days. Finding out whether the pet owner can sustainably care for a pet companion is a critical stage in this process.

Documentation and Work Permits

A crucial need is getting a permit for the animal companion. Owners of pets are required to affirm the permission of their pets and submit all relevant information, including the pet’s data. In addition, owners of pets must have a $5,000 security bond and health or personal injury coverage.

Training and Orientation

To get them ready for their roles, new pet companions must complete required training. The Pet Owners Orientation Programme (POP) is a requirement for newly acquired pets in order to learn about their responsibilities. In order to make sure that the pet owner and the companion are ready for their connection, House on Hire offers complete assistance throughout this process.

Success Stories

Discover the Transformative Influence of a Skilled Pet Enthusiast with House on Hire!

House on Hire transcends the conventional pet services model by curating a dedicated team of volunteers genuinely devoted to enriching the lives of your furry companions. Our steadfast commitment to excellence is evident through our pet enthusiasts. Opting for our services ensures a harmonious pet-friendly environment, expertly overseen by passionate and knowledgeable pet aficionados who comprehend and meet your pet-related needs. Get in touch with us now to initiate a process that will lead to a more tranquil and organised pet-loving home.

Are you prepared to have an adept pet enthusiast elevate your domestic life? Waste no time. For a customised quote and to discuss your pet’s requirements, please reach out to us immediately at +6588004248. Alternatively, utilise our online form to commence communication with our team promptly. Let House on Hire simplify and fulfil your pursuit of the ideal pet companion in a manner that is efficient and stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet caretakers earn an average wage that varies based on their level of expertise, previous experience, and skill set. Experienced pet caretakers can earn between $600 and $700 per month, while entry-level pet caretakers typically earn around $550 per month. In regions like Hong Kong or Taiwan, experienced pet caretakers may receive slightly higher salaries. With the assistance of House on Hire, pet caretakers can negotiate a salary commensurate with their level of expertise and the extent of their duties.

Monthly leave is granted to pet caretakers. They must be compensated if they agree to work on these days. The daily compensation is calculated by dividing the individual’s basic salary by the number of working days, which is 26. Ensuring fairness and compliance with legal obligations, House on Hire guarantees that this compensation is equitable, supporting both the employer’s need for flexibility and the pet caretaker’s right to rest.

A work permit is necessary to legally employ a pet caretaker. This process involves providing comprehensive data, such as the passport details of the pet caretaker and the family details of the employer. Throughout this procedure, House on Hire ensures that all required paperwork is accurately completed. Adherence to legal obligations is contingent upon the successful work permit application.

Employers are required to provide a minimum of $60,000 in medical insurance coverage for their pet caretakers, in accordance with MOM regulations. This coverage is essential for the healthcare of the pet caretaker and for unforeseen medical expenses. House on Hire assists employers in selecting suitable insurance plans, ensuring compliance with legal obligations, and offering sufficient protection for pet caretakers.

It is a prerequisite for pet caretakers to undergo a thorough pre-employment medical examination. Additionally, they are required to undergo biannual health examinations to maintain their fitness for employment. Regular health check-ups are essential for the pet caretaker’s overall well-being and the timely identification of any potential health problems. House on Hire coordinates these medical consultations, assisting employers in cost management.

House on Hire indeed enables employers and pet caretakers to engage in a salary negotiation process that is equitable and open. Various aspects of this negotiation are taken into account, including the experience of the pet caretaker, their specialised abilities, and the job’s prerequisites. The objective is to reach compensation that is acceptable to both parties, adhering to the employer’s financial constraints while adequately remunerating the pet caretaker for their specialised knowledge.

The Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) is an obligatory attendance requirement for first-time employers of pet caretakers. This program aims to provide employers with knowledge and understanding regarding their obligations and optimal methods when engaging a pet caretaker. This ensures that organisations are adequately equipped to handle the distinctive challenges associated with recruiting and supervising an international pet caretaker.

For the employment of foreign pet caretakers, the government imposes a monthly levy. The standard monthly levy for the first pet caretaker is $300, while it is $450 for the second. Under specific circumstances, such as households comprising elderly members or small children, a concessionary levy rate of $60 per month may be applicable. House on Hire offers guidance in comprehending and fulfilling these levy obligations.

Ensuring the well-being of pet caretakers necessitates the observance and accommodation of their dietary restrictions or preferences. Employers are encouraged to inquire about and comprehend any particular dietary requirements, such as those imposed by culture or religion, to guarantee a pleasant and courteous living and working arrangement. House on Hire recommends establishing a conducive environment that upholds these principles to ensure the overall satisfaction of both the employer and the pet caretaker.

The financial responsibility for funding the medical examination expenses for their pet caretaker lies with the employer. It is imperative that the pet caretaker fulfils these obligatory examinations prior to commencing employment and on a biannual basis thereafter. House on Hire assists employers by providing access to affiliated institutions that offer these medical services at discounted rates, streamlining the process and increasing convenience.