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Part-Time Helpers in Singapore: Professional Care on Your Schedule!

Learn more about House on Hire, Singapore’s best option for Part-Time Helper with a focus on home care. Our specialty is matching families with skilled maids who undergo rigorous training to meet your home’s unique requirements.

We focus on providing our customers with excellent home care so their homes are orderly and productive. When working with House on Hire, you’ll experience a unique blend of industry knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and a steadfast commitment to customer care that distinguishes us in the housekeeping industry.

Why Pick Our Singaporean Part-Time Helpers?

Our team at House on Hire takes great pride in bringing the impeccable services of our well-prepared and highly professional Bangladeshi maids to Singaporean homes.

Knowledge and Professional Training

Our part-time helpers demonstrate a high degree of professionalism by completing extensive training to become proficient in a variety of domestic activities. They are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to expertly manage your property, from routine cleaning to specialty tasks.

Understanding and Compatibility Across Cultures

Many families choose our part-time helpers because of their familiarity with Singaporean homes and their cultural affinity. Their ability to easily fit in with the family fosters a feeling of familiarity that improves the whole experience of being at home.

Dependability and Trustworthiness

The dependability and credibility of our part-time helpers are very important to us at House on Hire. A rigorous screening procedure is implemented for each assistant to guarantee technical competency, reliability, and honesty. You may feel comfortable and at ease in your house with this focus on trust, even for the demands of home care.

Customised Part-Time Help Services for Your Residence

Our part-time helpers at House on Hire are committed to provide you with a customised level of care that will turn your house into a haven of comfort and expert assistance.


Complete Home Support Services

Our part-time helpers are proficient in a variety of cleaning duties, guaranteeing that your property is tidy and orderly. They provide both specialised and regular cleaning depending on your particular requirements.


Cooking Mastery

Our part-time helpers value eating a balanced diet and are capable of cooking wholesome meals for people of all ages. Mealtimes are easy and fun for the whole family since they prepare and arrange food supplies and accommodate those with particular dietary requirements.


Engagement and Assistance

Our helpers aren’t just here to clean; they really care about the well-being of the whole family. They help create a safe and secure home environment since they have the expertise to arrange fun activities, provide assistance, and make sure everyone is protected.


Caring Elderly Assistance

Our part-time helpers provide compassionate and considerate support to families with elderly family members. They guarantee your senior loved ones’ comfort and respect their personal space since they are trained to meet their unique requirements, which include offering company.


Adjustable Service Plans

We offer a selection of service plans since we understand that household demands are always changing. Our objective is to effortlessly integrate our services with your family’s schedule and specific needs, regardless of whether you need full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out care.

At House on Hire, our aspiration is to elevate everyday home management to a harmonious and streamlined experience. We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, as evident in the bespoke services offered by our Filipino maid agency.

Our Method for Recruiting Singaporean Part-Time Helpers

Verifying Credibility and Trustworthiness

We do thorough background checks as the first stage in our methodical recruiting process. This includes confirming all of the applicant's connections, employment history, and required paperwork. This guarantees that each part-time worker we employ abides by all rules and laws pertaining to home assistance in addition to upholding our strict honesty requirements.

Complete Assessment and Training

Candidates are put through a battery of tests to see how well they can do different home tasks. We put them through rigorous testing to see how well they can do household chores. We also provide them a lot of training to help them become more skilled and knowledgeable about the newest and best ways to help around the home.

Matching Compatibility and Personality

We place a strong emphasis on personality matching in our screening process since we understand how important harmonious partnerships are. With an awareness of your family's tastes and way of life, we can locate a part-time assistant whose disposition and manner of working easily fit into your household.

Safety and Health Prioritization

We put your family's safety first, which is why we make sure every one of our employees knows how to do tasks around the house. This guarantees your family lives in a safe and healthy environment and includes instruction in first aid, emergency response, and the proper use of common home products.

Feedback and Constant Improvement

Our selection procedure is dynamic and ever-changing, taking into account frequent customer input. Our recruiting procedure and training programs are continuously improved to guarantee that our part-time helpers not only fulfil your needs but surpass them by offering first-rate home assistance.

At House on Hire, we pride ourselves on our meticulous and stringent recruiting procedures, which guarantee that you will work with a part-time assistance service that is reliable, knowledgeable, and catered to your family’s particular requirements.

How to Find and Hire a Part-Time Helper in Singapore?

To ensure a smooth process of hiring a part-time helper in Singapore, follow these steps:

Choose a Reputable Part-Time Helper Agency

Select a licensed agency specialising in part-time helpers and domestic assistance. Check the Ministry of Manpowerfor a list of approved agencies.

Select a Part-Time Helper Candidate

Explore the agency's database to find part-time helpers with the relevant experience. Choose a candidate whose skills and background align with your household needs.

Apply for a Part-Time Helper Work Arrangement

The agency will assist in arranging the part-time helper's work schedule, considering your personal and job-related details, as well as the helper's skills.

Pre-Employment Health Check

Ensure the part-time helper undergoes a thorough health examination to verify their fitness for the assigned tasks.

Sign the Employment Agreement

Finalise the hiring process by providing a detailed employment contract outlining working hours, pay, rest days, and specific responsibilities.

Secure Insurance Coverage

Obtain medical insurance for your part-time helper, covering their health needs in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Settle Part-Time Helper Levy

Fulfil the necessary financial obligations, including the monthly fee associated with hiring a part-time helper.

Orientation Program for Part-Time Helper

Ensure your part-time helper attends an orientation program to familiarise themselves with life in Singapore and the best practices for household tasks.

Provide Ongoing Support

Ensure a safe and fair working environment by offering continuous support, guidance, and supervision to your part-time helper.

At House on Hire, we offer comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, from selecting the right part-time helper to managing paperwork efficiently. Contact us to simplify and expedite the hiring process.

Financial Factors to Consider in Singapore While Hiring Part-Time Helpers

Pay Scale and Salary Negotiation for Part-Time Helpers

At House on Hire, we carefully evaluate each part-time worker’s worth, taking into account their background, place of employment, and unique needs. Transparent compensation talks are facilitated by our experts, guaranteeing a fair settlement for all sides.

Policy on Compensation for Off-Day Work for Part-Time Helpers

We oversee the payment of part-time helpers who put in work on their days off in accordance with Singaporean legislation. This entails a precise computation based on the daily salary of the assistant, taking into account monetary factors in accordance with employment regulations.

Government Levy Guidelines Regarding Part-Time Employees

We provide thorough advice on the levies that the Singaporean government demands be paid for part-time helpers, including information on the various rates and requirements for concessionary levies.

Dietary and Nutrition-Related Considerations

As part of our service, we advise companies on how to feed their part-time helpers healthfully while honouring their dietary and cultural preferences. Our focus is on establishing a friendly atmosphere that respects the dietary requirements and limitations of every assistant.

Mandatory Insurance Requirements for Part-Time Helpers

We make certain that businesses offer their part-time assistance with the required medical insurance coverage in compliance with MOM requirements, protecting their health and wellbeing.

Review of Medical Records and Health Checks

In accordance with MOM regulations, House on Hire makes sure that temporary helpers have the necessary medical exams. We prioritise the health and well-being of part-time helpers by ensuring that they have access to affordable medical services via our network of healthcare providers.

Why Select House on Hire's Part-Time Helpers?

As a top supplier of part-time helpers services in Singapore, House on Hire stands out for a number of reasons:

Dedication to Excellence

Our persistent commitment to provide excellence in all facets of our part-time assistance services guarantees that you will always have a positive experience.

Tailored Part-Time Assistance Program

We provide specialised services to assist you in finding the ideal part-time assistant since we understand the distinct demands of every household. Our aim is to provide housekeeping solutions that precisely meet your unique needs.

Trustworthy Experience

Having worked with part-time helpers for many years, we have built a solid reputation for dependability and quality. Our knowledgeable part-time helpers can handle a variety of home duties to make sure your house is well-maintained.

Customer-Centred Approach

Our first goal is making sure you're satisfied. Your happiness and well-being are our top priorities, and we pay great attention to understanding and meeting your household requirements. You and our part-time helpers will have a seamless and joyful encounter thanks to our customer-focused approach.

Relentless Assistance

We build enduring relationships with our clients and part-time helpers by offering ongoing assistance and support. We promise to keep everyone using our part-time assistant services happy and healthy even after the recruiting procedure is complete.

Easier Integration of Part-Time Assistance

Our mission at House on Hire is to make it easier for Singaporean families to seamlessly integrate part-time helpers into their homes. Understanding how important it is for employers and helps to get along well, we provide comprehensive training programs that give our helpers the skills and cultural awareness they need. Designed to improve their work performance and help them feel at home in their new surroundings, this training makes sure they settle into their responsibilities with ease.

Our part-time helpers’ welfare is our first priority, even above training. We provide meaningful rest day programs tailored to their individual jobs via partnerships with non-governmental and philanthropic groups. Through the provision of well-earned leisure time, community engagement, and new job-related skills, these programs enable our helpers to develop personally and find pleasure.

Simple Hiring Procedure

House on Hire ensures speed and simplicity by streamlining the recruiting procedure for part-time helpers. We provide a full range of services covering every step of the hiring process, from applicant selection to smooth integration into your house. We have extensive experience with the complexities of recruiting Migrant Domestic helpers (MDWs) in Singapore. Both employers and helpers benefit from a seamless and hassle-free experience, since our open method removes unforeseen expenses.

Verification of Financial Eligibility

At House on Hire, it is our first goal to make sure clients are financially ready to take on a part-time worker. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires an accounting, taking into account things like the $550–$800 monthly pay and additional charges including housing expenses, a monthly fee, and pay for vacation days. The capacity of the employer to stably support part-time assistance is ensured by this vital step.

Work Permit and Documentation

One essential step is getting part-time assistance and a work permit. Employers must get the helper’s approval and provide all relevant information, such as the helper’s family data and visa. Employers must also provide a $5,000 bond and medical or accident insurance for each assistant. Employers may ensure compliance with legal standards by following House on Hire’s guidance through this paperwork procedure.

Orientation and Training for Part-Time Helpers

To be ready for their duties, new part-time helpers must complete required training. It is mandatory for new employers to participate in the Employers Orientation Program (EOP) in order to learn about their duties. House on Hire offers complete assistance throughout this procedure, making sure that the employer and the assistant are ready for their partnership—particularly in the early stages.

Success Stories

Find Out Why Hiring a Professional Part-Time Helper for Your Home Is Beneficial!

At House on Hire, we provide more than just standard cleaning services; we are a committed group of people who are interested in improving your home life, especially when it comes to household maintenance. Our part-time helpers are the perfect example of our unwavering dedication to provide excellent service. Select us for a calm, orderly home where your housekeeping requirements are not only satisfied but also skillfully and considerately surpassed. Get in touch with us right now to start along the road to a calmer, more organised household life.

Are you prepared to improve your family’s living circumstances by hiring a House on Hire part-time assistant? Don’t put it off any longer. To discuss your requirements and get a customised price for cleaning services, give us a call at +6588004248. As an alternative, you may complete our online form, and a staff member will get in contact with you right away. Your search for the ideal part-time assistant may be made easier and more efficient with House on Hire. This will ensure that your house is a calm and productive refuge, particularly when it comes to taking care of the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wide range of services are provided by House on Hire to help part-time helpers integrate into Singaporean families with ease.

We use a stringent screening procedure that involves analysing their past, doing in-depth talent assessments, interviewing them personally, and placing a high priority on their health and safety. The part-time helpers we employ are guaranteed to be reliable and trustworthy thanks to our rigorous hiring procedure.

House on Hire is unique because of its long history, client-focused philosophy, steadfast dedication to providing individualised, high-quality service, and ongoing support. The general calibre and durability of our part-time assistant services are greatly enhanced by these elements.

Yes, without doubt. Since every household is different, House on Hire lets you choose a part-time assistant whose abilities and personality suit your particular tastes. Our services are customised to fit each of your unique requirements.

We carefully examine our part-time helpers’ experience, country of origin, and particular employer needs when determining how much to pay them. The goal of facilitating negotiations is to guarantee a fair and satisfying resolution for all parties.

House on Hire oversees the payment of part-time helpers who work on their days off in accordance with Singaporean rules. A reasonable balance between labour and relaxation is ensured by basing this remuneration on the helper’s usual daily income.

Medical exams are performed on part-time helpers before employment and on a regular basis thereafter. In addition to guaranteeing regulatory compliance and the helpers’ general wellbeing, House on Hire helps companies handle the expenses related to these medical treatments.

Medical exams are performed on part-time helpers before employment and on a regular basis thereafter. In addition to guaranteeing regulatory compliance and the helpers’ general wellbeing, House on Hire helps companies handle the expenses related to these medical treatments.

Indeed, House on Hire makes sure that, in order to assist them acclimate to living in Singapore, part-time helpers undergo a Settling-In Program. For help to properly carry out their tasks and fit in with the family, this training is essential.

Direct communication with House on Hire is the first step in initiating the search for a part-time assistant. Our staff will help you choose the ideal assistant, complete the work permit application, and take care of any documentation required to guarantee a seamless and effective part-time assistance service.