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Caregiver Maids: Your Excellent Partners in Home Care!

House on Hire is a preeminent provider of superior caregiver services. Our primary objective is to serve as intermediaries between families and devoted and competent caregivers who are precisely suited to attend to the distinct needs of your household. Our agency is dedicated to providing outstanding home care services and endeavours to establish a cohesive and productive household atmosphere for each of our clients. Boasting a unique blend of professional proficiency, cultural sensitivity, and steadfast commitment, House on Hire establishes a unique benchmark within the domain of caregiving support.

Why Are Our Caregivers the Excellent Choice?

Professional Training and Expertise

Our caregivers, specialising in personal care, undergo rigorous training to proficiently handle a range of caregiving tasks. From essential companionship to specialised care needs, they possess the expertise to cater to your personal care requirements with professionalism and skill.

Cultural Alignment and Insight

Caregivers from House on Hire are selected for their cultural compatibility with the local community. Their familiarity with the nuances of households makes them a preferred choice for families seeking compassionate and culturally attuned caregiving services.

Dependability and Integrity

At House on Hire, we prioritise the dependability and integrity of our caregivers. Each caregiver is meticulously screened to ensure not only their caregiving skills but also their trustworthiness and reliability. This commitment provides you with the assurance of a secure and trustworthy caregiving environment.

Our Tailored Caregiving Services For Your Household

House on Hire is dedicated to providing an extensive array of caregiving services via our proficient staff, guaranteeing that your residence continues to be a sanctuary of solace and assistance.


Medication Management

Our caregivers are meticulously trained in managing and organising medication schedules, ensuring that all prescriptions are followed precisely. They monitor for side effects and coordinate with healthcare providers to ensure optimal care. We take pride in providing a service that not only maintains the health of our clients but also offers peace of mind to their families, knowing that their medical needs are in expert hands.


Health Monitoring & Rehabilitative Assistance

Our caregivers are skilled in monitoring health indicators and providing necessary support for rehabilitation processes. They are trained to assist with exercises and therapies, helping individuals regain strength and functionality. With our caregivers, regular health checks and timely adjustments to care plans are ensured, prioritising the health and recovery of your loved ones. We’re dedicated to facilitating a healing and supportive environment, contributing significantly to the overall well-being and recovery of those under our care.


Care for Children and Adolescents

Our caregivers are committed to the development and welfare of your children and are not merely responsible for their care. With experience in fostering personal growth and ensuring well-being, they engage in stimulating activities, provide companionship, and assist with daily routines. Their empathetic and patient demeanour guarantees a secure and supportive setting for children.


Caring for the Elderly

Our caregivers exhibit vigilant and empathetic care for families who have geriatric members. Specialising in providing companionship, aiding with daily activities, and medication administration, they place a premium on the comfort and dignity of your geriatric loved ones.


Adapted to Your Timetable

In light of the ever-evolving characteristics of contemporary lifestyles, we offer adaptable service arrangements. Irrespective of the type of service needed (full-time, part-time, live-in, or live-out), our objective is to accommodate your household’s needs and preferences in a seamless manner.

House on Hire surpasses fundamental caregiving responsibilities by placing emphasis on the establishment of a cohesive and encouraging domestic milieu. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the field of caregiving  is reflected in our services.

Our Caregiver Selection Process at House on Hire

Thorough Screening for Trusted and Reliable Caregiver

Our meticulous process commences with a detailed background check, verifying employment history, references, and essential legal documentation for caregivers. This guarantees that each caregiver we select not only upholds our high standards of integrity but also complies with all regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind.

Skill Assessment and Training Tailored for Caregiver Excellence

Candidates undergo rigorous skill assessments to evaluate their proficiency in caregiving tasks, including elderly care, childcare, and household duties. We provide comprehensive training to enhance their caregiving skills, ensuring they stay updated with the best practices in providing personal care at home.

Matching Personalities and Compatibility

Recognizing the importance of a harmonious household, we emphasise personality matching. Our process involves understanding your family's preferences and lifestyle to find a caregiver whose personality and caregiving style align seamlessly with your home environment.

Prioritising Health and Safety Standards

We prioritise the health and safety of your loved ones by ensuring that all our caregivers are trained in relevant home care standards. This includes first aid, emergency response, and the safe handling of household products, ensuring a secure and healthy living space for those under their care.

Continuous Improvement and Client Feedback Integration

Our caregiver selection process is dynamic and continuously evolving. We actively seek feedback from our clients to refine our criteria and training programs, ensuring that our caregivers not only meet but exceed your expectations in providing compassionate and skilled caregiving services.

At House on Hire, our rigorous and comprehensive caregiver selection process aims to provide you with a caregiving service that is not only trustworthy but also skilled, perfectly suited to meet your family’s unique caregiving needs.

How to Hire a Caregiver

If you’re considering hiring a caregiver, here’s a guide to streamline the process:

Choose a Trusted Caregiver Agency

Opt for a licensed agency specialising in foreign caregivers. Refer to the Ministry of Manpower for a list of accredited agencies.

Select Your Ideal Caregiver

Browse our agency's database for caregivers and choose one that aligns with your specific requirements.

Apply for the Caregiver's Work Permit

Rely on our agency for assistance in securing the necessary work permit, providing essential personal and employment details.

Pre-Employment Health Check

Ensure your caregiver undergoes a pre-employment medical examination to confirm their fitness for the job.

Execute the Employment Contract

Finalise the hiring process by signing a comprehensive employment contract. This document should outline working hours, salary, rest days, and job responsibilities.

Secure Medical Insurance

Purchase medical insurance covering hospitalisation and surgery for your caregiver, complying with Ministry of Manpower regulations.

Settle the Caregiver Levy

Fulfil the monthly caregiver levy requirement for hiring a foreign caregiver.

Enrol in a Settling-In Program

Facilitate your caregiver's integration into life by ensuring attendance in a Settling-In Program.

Offer Continuous Support

Prioritise your caregiver's well-being and fair treatment by providing ongoing support and supervision.

At House on Hire, we provide comprehensive assistance throughout the caregiver hiring process. From selecting the right caregiver to managing all necessary procedures, we make the hiring process effortless and efficient. Contact us to simplify your caregiver hiring journey.

Financial Considerations in Hiring Caregivers

Framework for Salary Negotiations

At House on Hire, the remuneration of our caregivers is carefully planned, considering variables including professional background, country of origin, and employer-specific criteria. Our team facilitates clear and candid salary negotiations, thereby guaranteeing a mutually beneficial agreement.

Policy on Off-Day Compensation

We oversee the compensation of caregivers who work on their days off in accordance with  regulations. This encompasses a precise computation predicated on the regular daily salary of the attendant.

Government Levy Directives

As required by the  government, we furnish exhaustive guidance pertaining to the levy payments for  caregivers. This guidance elucidates the diverse rates and conditions that regulate the concessionary levy.

Dietary and Nutritional Considerations

Our methodology entails offering guidance to employers regarding the provision of nutritious and culturally sensitive meals for their caregivers, with a particular emphasis on upholding dietary restrictions and preferences.

Obligatory Insurance Standards

By remaining informed about the regulations set forth by MOM, we guarantee that employers furnish their caregivers with the necessary medical insurance coverage, thereby protecting their physical and mental health.

Checkups and Medical Examinations of Health

House on Hire ensures adherence to MOM’s regulations by facilitating essential medical examinations for  caregivers and providing cost-effective medical services via our network of clinics.

Why House on Hire for Caregiver Services?

House on Hire stands out as a premier choice for caregiver services, highlighting several key factors that set us apart:

Commitment to Quality Care

Our unwavering dedication to delivering quality care in every aspect of our service ensures an exceptional experience for both caregivers and families.

Personalized Care Solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual's needs, we provide tailored caregiver services to match you with the right caregiver for your specific requirements.

Trusted Caregiver Expertise

With extensive experience in the caregiving industry, we have earned a reputation for reliability and excellence in providing trusted caregiver services.

Customer-Centric Care Approach

Your satisfaction is our foremost priority. We are devoted to understanding and addressing your caregiving needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Continuous Support and Guidance

We offer ongoing support and advice to both our clients and caregivers, fostering a positive and enduring relationship in the realm of caregiving.

Integration Support by House on Hire for Caregivers

House on Hire is dedicated to facilitating the smooth integration of  caregivers into  households. Recognizing the pivotal role of a harmonious employer-caregiver relationship, we offer comprehensive training programs tailored to equip our caregivers with essential skills and cultural knowledge. This training is designed to help them excel in their roles and comfortably adapt to their new caregiving environment.

Beyond training, we prioritise the well-being of our caregivers. Collaborating with NGOs and charity organisations, we provide meaningful rest day programs. These initiatives enable caregivers to develop new skills, participate in community activities, and enjoy well-deserved leisure time, fostering their personal growth and happiness.

Efficient and Hassle-Free Hiring Process

At House on Hire, we streamline the hiring process for  caregivers to ensure efficiency and simplicity. Our unparalleled expertise in handling the complexities of hiring Migrant Domestic Caregivers covers every aspect of the hiring journey, from initial candidate selection to seamless integration into your household. Our transparent process avoids unexpected expenses, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for both the employer and the caregiver.

Financial Eligibility Check

House on Hire ensures that employers are financially equipped to hire a caregiver. Complying with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) guidelines, our financial check considers the monthly salary, ranging from $550 to $800, along with other expenses like the monthly levy, compensation for rest days, and living costs. This step is crucial to determine the employer’s capability to sustainably support a caregiver.

Work Permit and Documentation

Securing a work permit for the  caregiver is a key requirement. Employers must provide necessary details, including the caregiver’s passport and family information, and confirm the caregiver’s consent. Additionally, employers are responsible for medical or personal accident insurance and a $5,000 security bond per helper.

Training and Orientation

New  caregivers undergo mandatory training to prepare them for their caregiving responsibilities. First-time employers must attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their roles. House on Hire provides comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring both the employer and the caregiver are well-prepared for their partnership.

Success Stories

Witness the Profound Influence of an Expert Caregiver through House on Hire!

House on Hire surpasses its role as a mere caregiver agency by assembling an all-volunteer staff that is sincerely invested in improving your quality of life. Our steadfast commitment to excellence is exemplified by our  caregivers. Selecting our services will result in a harmonious household, skillfully administered by compassionate and knowledgeable caregivers who comprehend and fulfil your requirements. Contact us immediately to commence a process that will lead to a more tranquil and structured household.

Are you prepared to have an expert  caregiver enhance your domestic life? Avoid any further postponement. For a personalised quote and to discuss your needs, please contact us immediately at +6588004248. Alternatively, for prompt communication with our team, feel free to use our online form. Allow House on Hire to streamline and accomplish your search for the ideal caregiver in a way that is efficient and devoid of tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Caregivers earn an average wage that fluctuates in accordance with their level of expertise, prior work experience, and skill set. Experienced caregivers, especially in Singapore, can earn between $600 and $700 per month, whereas entry-level caregivers typically earn $550 per month. Experienced caregivers may receive marginally higher salaries in regions such as Hong Kong or Taiwan. With the assistance of House on Hire, the caregiver can negotiate a salary commensurate with their level of expertise and the extent of their duties.

Monthly leave is granted to four foreign caregivers, including  caregivers, in Singapore. They must be compensated if they consent to labour on these days. The daily compensation is computed by dividing the individual’s basic salary by the number of working days, which is 26. Supporting both the employer’s need for flexibility and the caregiver’s right to rest, House on Hire guarantees that this compensation is equitable and in compliance with legal obligations.

A work permit is required to legally employ a caregiver. This activity necessitates the provision of comprehensive data, such as the passport particulars of the caregiver and the family details of the employer. Throughout this procedure, House on Hire ensures that all required paperwork is completed accurately. Ensuring adherence to Singapore’s legal obligations through the employment is contingent upon the work permit application.

Employers are required to furnish a minimum of $60,000 in medical insurance coverage for their  caregivers, in accordance with MOM regulations. It is essential to have this coverage for the healthcare of the caregiver and for unforeseen medical expenses. Assisting employers in the process of selecting suitable insurance plans, ensuring compliance with legal obligations, and offering sufficient protection for caregivers are the objectives of House on Hire.

It is a prerequisite for  caregivers to commence employment that they pass a thorough pre-employment medical examination. Additionally, they are required to undergo biannual health examinations to maintain their fitness for employment. Regular prenatal examinations are essential for the caregiver’s overall health and for the timely identification of any potential health problems. These medical consultations are coordinated by House on Hire, which also assists employers in cost management.

House on Hire does indeed enable employers and caregivers to engage in a salary negotiation process that is equitable and open. Various aspects of this negotiation are taken into account, including the experience of the caregiver, their specialised abilities, and the job’s prerequisites. The objective is to reach a compensation that is acceptable to both parties and adheres to the employer’s financial constraints while adequately remunerating the caregiver for their specialised knowledge.

The Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) is an obligatory attendance requirement for first-time employers. The purpose of this program is to provide employers with knowledge and understanding regarding their obligations and optimal methods when engaging a migrant domestic worker (MDW). This ensures that organisations are adequately equipped to handle the distinctive challenges associated with recruiting and supervising an international caregiver.

For the employment of foreign caregivers, including  caregivers, the  government imposes a monthly levy. The standard monthly levy for the first caregiver is $300, while it is $450 for the second. Under specific circumstances, such as households comprising elderly members or small children, a concessionary levy rate of $60 per month may be applicable. Regarding comprehending and fulfilling these levy obligations, House on Hire offers direction. 

Ensuring the well-being of  caregivers necessitates the observance and accommodation of their dietary restrictions or preferences. To ensure that particular dietary requirements, such as those imposed by culture or religion, are adequately addressed, employers are encouraged to inquire about and comprehend such requirements. Establishing a conducive environment that upholds these aforementioned principles is recommended by House on Hire in order to guarantee a pleasant and courteous living and working arrangement.

The financial burden of funding the medical examination expenses for their  attendant lies with the employer. It is imperative that the caregiver fulfils these obligatory examinations prior to commencing employment, and on a biannual basis thereafter. House on Hire assists employers by granting them access to affiliated institutions that provide these medical services at discounted rates, thereby streamlining the process and increasing convenience.