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Hire a Filipino Maid: Step into a Home Where Comfort & Cleanliness Reign!

At House on Hire, we take pride in being a leading provider of Filipino maid services in Singapore. Our agency excels in matching families with highly skilled Filipino maids, each carefully selected to cater to the unique requirements of your home.

We are dedicated to upholding superior standards in domestic care, ensuring that your household operates smoothly and harmoniously. With House on Hire, discover a unique combination of professional competence, cultural understanding, and unwavering commitment, setting a new benchmark in the realm of domestic help.

Why Filipino Maids from House on Hire Are a Top Choice in Singapore

Our team at House on Hire takes great pride in bringing the impeccable services of our well-prepared and highly professional Bangladeshi maids to Singaporean homes.

Comprehensive Skill Set and Adaptability

At House on Hire, our Filipino maids are not just trained in typical household tasks; they bring a diverse skill set, adapting to your specific home care needs. From expert culinary skills showcasing diverse cuisines to adept child and elderly care, their versatility makes them indispensable in any Singaporean home.

Deep-Rooted Cultural Synergy

The Filipino community’s rich cultural heritage resonates deeply with Singapore’s multicultural ethos, making Filipino maids from our agency a harmonious fit for many homes. Their innate warmth, hospitable nature, and fluency in English significantly enhance communication and familial bonding.

Unwavering Dedication and Integrity

Our Filipino maid agency in Singapore is committed to providing maids who exemplify dedication and integrity. We go beyond standard vetting processes to ensure that each maid is not only proficient in their tasks but also embodies values of loyalty and honesty, ensuring a trustworthy and dependable home environment.

Customised Services from Our Filipino Maid Agency

House on Hire is committed to offering a broad spectrum of services through our Filipino maids, aiming to transform your household into a haven of comfort and efficiency.


Holistic Household Management

Our Filipino maids are proficient in comprehensive household management. They excel in routine cleaning, tidying, and maintenance, focusing on detail-oriented care. Their responsibilities extend to deep cleaning, laundry, and ensuring that every corner of your home is impeccably maintained and inviting.


Culinary Creativity and Adaptability

Recognising the central role of food in a bustling household, our Filipino maids shine in their culinary skills. They are adept in an array of cooking styles, preparing wholesome, family-oriented dishes, and can adapt to specific dietary needs. Additionally, they are skilled in meal planning and efficient grocery management, simplifying your daily routines.


Enriching Childcare Services

Beyond basic caregiving, our Filipino maids from our Filipino maid agency in Singapore engage actively in your children’s development and welfare. They bring experience in organising educational and fun activities, support with schoolwork, and managing daily schedules, all in a caring and patient manner that fosters a secure and enriching environment for your kids.


Empathetic Eldercare

For households with elderly members, our Filipino maids deliver empathetic and attentive support. Trained in caring for the elderly, they assist with daily activities, medication routines, and offer genuine companionship, ensuring the utmost respect and comfort for your senior family members.


Flexibility to Match Your Lifestyle

Acknowledging the varied and dynamic needs of modern families, we at House on Hire offer flexible service options. Whether it’s full-time or part-time, live-in or live-out arrangements, our Filipino maid agency tailors services to align with your unique schedule and lifestyle needs.

At House on Hire, our aspiration is to elevate everyday home management to a harmonious and streamlined experience. We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction, as evident in the bespoke services offered by our Filipino maid agency.

Rigorous Selection Process for Filipino Maids at Our Agency

Tailored Vetting for Dependability and Compliance

At House on Hire, our Filipino maid agency in Singapore begins by conducting a meticulous vetting process. This includes in-depth background checks, assessing employment history, validating references, and ensuring compliance with legal standards. Our goal is to guarantee that each Filipino maid not only embodies our values of honesty and integrity but also adheres to all legal and regulatory frameworks.

Skill Evaluation and Specialised Training

We engage our candidates in a comprehensive evaluation process to gauge their skills in essential domestic duties, culinary abilities, childcare, and elderly care. Furthermore, our agency invests in specialised training programs to refine these skills, ensuring our maids are equipped with contemporary techniques and practices in domestic care.

Customised Personality and Lifestyle Alignment

Recognising the importance of a compatible match, our Filipino maid agency places a strong emphasis on aligning personalities and lifestyles. We meticulously assess your household’s unique characteristics and preferences to match you with a maid whose demeanour and working style resonate with your family's ethos.

Emphasis on Health and Safety Training

Prioritising safety and wellness, all our Filipino maids are thoroughly trained in health and safety protocols pertinent to home care. This training covers essential first aid, effective emergency responses, and the safe usage of household products, ensuring they contribute to a secure and health-conscious home environment.

Ongoing Enhancement and Client Feedback

Our selection methodology is dynamic, with a commitment to ongoing improvement. By actively seeking and incorporating client feedback, we continuously refine our selection and training processes. This approach helps us ensure that our maids not only meet but surpass the expectations of families in Singapore.

House on Hire’s rigorous selection process is meticulously crafted to provide you with Filipino maids who are reliable, well-trained, and an ideal fit for your family’s distinctive lifestyle.

Hiring a Filipino Maid in Singapore: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embarking on the journey to hire a Filipino maid in Singapore? Here are key steps to ensure a seamless and efficient process:

Choosing a Trusted Filipino Maid Agency

Start by selecting a licensed agency like House on Hire, known for its specialisation in Filipino maids and other foreign domestic workers. Verify their credentials through the Ministry of Manpower to ensure legitimacy.

Selecting Your Ideal Maid

Explore the diverse pool of candidates at our Filipino maid agency. Our database allows you to choose a maid whose skills and background align with your family’s needs.

Work Permit Application

Our agency will guide you through the work permit application process for your chosen maid, requiring necessary personal and employment information.

Pre-Employment Medical Check-Up

It’s important to ensure your maid undergoes a comprehensive medical examination to verify her fitness and readiness for work.

Employment Contract Agreement

Finalise the hiring by drafting an employment contract. This should detail essential aspects like working hours, salary, rest days, and specific job responsibilities.

Mandatory Insurance Coverage

As per Ministry of Manpower regulations, secure medical insurance for your maid, encompassing hospitalisation and surgical costs.

Fulfilling Levy Requirements

Stay compliant by paying the required monthly levy for employing a foreign domestic worker in Singapore.

Introduction to Singapore’s Lifestyle

Encourage your maid to participate in a Settling-In Program, which helps her adjust to the new environment and culture in Singapore.

Ongoing Support and Care

Ensure a positive and respectful working relationship by providing continuous support and fair treatment to your maid.

House on Hire simplifies the entire process of hiring a Filipino maid in Singapore. From the initial selection to managing all necessary formalities, our agency is here to make the hiring experience hassle-free and effective. Reach out to us for comprehensive support in bringing the right domestic help into your home.

Financial Considerations in Hiring Filipino Maids

Tailoring Salary Packages

At House on Hire, we carefully determine the salaries of our Filipino maids, taking into account their experience, country of origin, and specific requirements of employers. Our agency provides assistance in conducting transparent salary negotiations, aiming for equitable arrangements for both maids and employers.

Policy on Compensation for Off Days

Aligned with Singapore’s labour laws, our Filipino maid agency manages appropriate compensation for maids working on their designated off days. This includes calculations based on the maid’s regular daily earnings.

Guidance on Government Levies

We offer detailed advice regarding the levy payments required for employing Filipino maids, as stipulated by the Singapore government. Our team explains the various rates and conditions, including any applicable concessionary levy rates.

Nutritional and Meal Guidelines

Our policy extends to advising employers on providing well-balanced, culturally respectful meals for their maids. We emphasise the importance of respecting their dietary habits and any specific restrictions.

Ensuring Compliance with Insurance Mandates

In line with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requirements, we ensure that all employers fulfil mandatory medical insurance coverage for their maids, protecting their health and welfare.

Medical Examination and Health Services

House on Hire facilitates all necessary medical checks for Filipino maids, adhering to MOM regulations. We also provide access to affordable medical services through our established network of healthcare providers.

Why Choose House on Hire for Filipino Maid Services?

House on Hire distinguishes itself as a premier provider of Filipino maid services in Singapore, attributed to several key reasons:

Excellence in Service Quality

Our agency is committed to maintaining high standards in every facet of our service, ensuring that clients have an outstanding experience from start to finish.

Customised Matching

Recognising the distinct needs of each household, we offer personalised services to find the perfect Filipino maid for your specific requirements.

Proven Industry Expertise

Our years of experience in the domestic helper industry have solidified our reputation as a reliable and excellent service provider.

Client-Focused Approach

At House on Hire, client satisfaction is paramount. We strive to understand and meet your needs, guaranteeing a fulfilling and stress-free experience.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Beyond the initial placement, we offer continuous support and counsel to both our clients and maids. This approach nurtures positive and enduring relationships, ensuring a harmonious home environment.

Supporting Smooth Integration of Filipino Maids by House on Hire

House on Hire is dedicated to the successful integration of Filipino maids into Singaporean homes. We understand the importance of a harmonious relationship between employers and maids and thus offer extensive training programs. These programs are designed to equip our Filipino maids with the necessary skills and cultural insights, aiding them in excelling in their roles and comfortably adapting to life in Singapore.

In addition to skills training, the welfare of our maids is a top priority. We engage with various NGOs and community organisations to provide enriching rest day activities. These initiatives enable our Filipino maids to acquire new skills, engage in community events, and enjoy leisure activities, promoting their overall well-being and happiness.

Streamlined and Transparent Hiring Process

Our approach at House on Hire simplifies the hiring of Filipino maids, ensuring an efficient and straightforward process. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of hiring Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore is unmatched. We offer a complete range of services, encompassing everything from initial selection to successful integration into your home. Our aim is to provide a clear and concise process, minimising any unexpected costs and guaranteeing a smooth experience for both employer and maid.

Assessment of Financial Eligibility

We also assist employers in meeting the financial requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for hiring a Filipino maid. This includes a thorough evaluation of the employer’s financial capability, considering factors such as salary, monthly levies, rest day compensation, and living expenses. This step is vital in ensuring that the employer can sustainably support a maid.

Work Permit and Required Documentation

Acquiring a work permit is crucial for employing a Filipino maid. Employers need to provide the necessary details, including the maid’s passport and family information. Additionally, employers must ensure proper medical or personal accident insurance coverage, along with a security bond.

Orientation and Training

New Filipino maids undergo mandatory training to prepare them for their responsibilities. First-time employers are required to attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP) to understand their obligations. House on Hire provides comprehensive support throughout this process, ensuring a well-prepared and informed start to the employer-maid relationship.

Success Stories

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House on Hire is more than a mere maid agency; we are a dedicated team committed to enhancing your living experience. Our Filipino maids embody our dedication to superior service and quality. Opt for our services for a well-organised, harmonious home where your specific needs are met with the utmost professionalism and attentiveness. Take the first step towards a serene and well-coordinated household by getting in touch with us.

Eager to uplift your household with a proficient Filipino maid? Wait no more. Dial +6588004248 today to discuss your requirements and receive a customised quote. You can also complete our online form, and our responsive team will reach out to you without delay. Let House on Hire simplify your search for the ideal maid, ensuring a smooth and fruitful experience.

FAQs on Employing Filipino Maids in Singapore

To legally hire a Filipino maid in Singapore, obtaining a work permit is crucial. This involves submitting detailed information, such as the maid’s passport details and the employer’s family information. House on Hire offers comprehensive assistance throughout this process, ensuring all documentation is accurately completed and compliant with Singapore’s legal standards.

Employers must provide a minimum of $60,000 in medical insurance coverage for their Filipino maids, as mandated by MOM regulations. This coverage is vital for the maid’s healthcare and unforeseen medical expenses. House on Hire aids employers in selecting suitable insurance plans, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and adequate protection for the maids.

Yes, House on Hire facilitates transparent and equitable salary negotiations between employers and maids. This process takes into account factors such as the maid’s experience, unique skills, and job requirements, aiming for a mutually beneficial salary agreement.

Filipino maids must undergo a thorough pre-employment medical examination before starting work in Singapore, followed by biannual health check-ups. These check-ups are essential for early detection of health issues and for maintaining the maid’s overall well-being. House on Hire coordinates these medical appointments and helps manage the associated costs.

In Singapore, foreign domestic workers, including Filipino maids, are entitled to four off days each month. If maids work on these days, appropriate compensation is required, calculated based on their daily salary (derived from their basic monthly salary divided by 26 working days). House on Hire ensures fair compensation in line with legal requirements, balancing the maid’s right to rest with the employer’s need for flexibility.

The average salary for Filipino maids varies based on factors like experience, skills, and employment history. Typically, new maids earn from $550 monthly, while more experienced maids, especially those with prior work experience in Singapore or other regions, may earn between $600 to $700. House on Hire assists in negotiating salaries that reflect the maid’s expertise and job scope.

First-time employers must attend the Employers Orientation Programme (EOP), which educates them about their responsibilities and best practices in hiring a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW). This program ensures employers are well-prepared for the nuances of employing and managing a foreign domestic worker.

The Singapore government imposes a monthly levy for employing foreign domestic workers, including Filipino maids. The standard levy is $300 per month for the first maid and $450 for additional maids. A concessionary levy of $60 per month may be available under certain conditions. House on Hire provides guidance on these levy requirements.

The employer bears the cost of the mandatory medical examinations for their Filipino maid. These include the pre-employment examination and subsequent biannual check-ups. House on Hire assists by offering access to partner clinics with special rates, making it more affordable and convenient for employers.